Anger Management: How To Express Anger Healthfully

Feeling Anger? Try This!

By Nitika Chopra

Anger often seems like a forbidden land that women should never enter. Since childhood, we’ve been told that ladies remain poised when faced with confrontation. We are pleasers. While men show anger when upset (and are told that it is practically a part of their manhood), women aren’t expected to yell, scream or shout.

But everyone feels hurt, upset, frustrated and down-right-mad at times. So how is it that it became do difficult for women to express anger – especially when anger is not only a natural emotion to feel, but also beneficial to our health to express? (It should come as no surprise that repressed emotions benefit no one – except perhaps your therapist’s bank account.)

We may not be able to keep you from getting angry (what can we say, your boyfriend may never put down that toilet seat), we do have some helpful ways for you to express your anger to its fullest potential that are sure to have you leading a healthier and more expressive life!

How Get Your Anger On…

Acknowledge the Feeling. Although many people might think it isn’t proper to be angry, The Beauty Bean knows that we are human beings, not robots! So we want you to start at the beginning and just acknowledge that you are angry.  Distinguishing that there is something bothering you is half the battle so, instead of trying to cover it up with a fake smile or stuff it with a piece of cake, just admit “I am angry damn it!” and watch the feeling begin to dissipate.

Creatively Express Your Anger Off. It really doesn’t matter if you want to try to dance like Ciara or sing like Christina Aguilera, sometimes expressing yourself in a way that is creative and requires using your entire body is the only thing that can move you from a serious place to a lighter one. So, next time you’re ready to jump down someone’s throat, try closing your door and dancing or singing your anger off.

Find An Anger Buddy. We sometimes hear people recommend screaming in a pillow or using a punching bag to release anger, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you just need someone to hear you out. Just remember to use discretion when choosing to whom to vent to, prepare your buddy ahead of time by prefacing your rant with “I just need t vent” and express yourself in private so you don’t disturb the peace.

Whether your frustration is from something monumental or somewhat trivial, we all have the right to express our emotions. So, as Madonna would say, “Express Yourself!”

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