By Nitika Chopra

Let’s face it, when you fight with anyone it pretty much sucks, but fighting with a friend you care about can some times affect you more than you could have ever imagined. Why is that? You aren’t dating the person; you aren’t related to them, so why has this argument or disagreement consumed your thoughts so much? Because you care. For many of us, the friends that we have are much like our family. Not all of us grew up around people who understood our beliefs and personalities completely, so the beauty of great friendships is that you get to choose the people you are surrounding yourself with and fill your world with love, fun, and acceptance.

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Although most of us don’t go around picking fights, sometimes things can get messy, there can be a miscommunication or an oversight and, before you know it, the friend you love to pieces is upset or hurt. If you want to know how to get back to the place where you are both laughing out loud and sharing secrets, follow these easy steps and you will have your friend back before you can say, “I miss you”.

Space leads to grace. This is something I had to constantly remind myself as a child, because the simple thought of someone being upset with me would give me an anxiety attack! Now I know that giving yourself space to think about how you truly feel about the person and the situation is just as important as giving your friend space to calm down. If you are determined to contact someone while you both are still heated and wounded, the chances of the encounter going smoothly are pretty slim. Allow for some space and breathing room, you will be surprised how much of a difference a little time will make.

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Practice your listening skills. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you are in the middle of an argument with someone is to assume you know exactly what they are going to say and blurt out everything you think without hearing them out. Listening is a huge gift for someone who is upset, often times that is all we want is to know that someone heard how we feel. Many circumstances can’t be solved once things have been said and done. But, at the end of it all, when you give someone the space to explain why they are hurt or disappointed, it lifts a lot of the weight and makes moving forward that much easier.

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