Aromatherapy: 3 Super-Easy Ways To Get The Benefits

How To DIY Aromatherapy, Easily

Scent is arguably the most underrated and definitely one of our least appreciated senses. But scent isn’t merely about what we consciously smell, it’s also about the the way our brain perceives, processes, and responds to scent. In fact, certain scents can actually affect our brain waves, moods, and sleep cycles making them a super-powerful and healthy way to ensure we’re living our best lives.

Here are 3 easy ways to tap into the benefits of aromatherapy with ease!

How To Get The Benefits Of Aromatherapy, Easily

In The Shower…. Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit ($45 at
Whether you prefer an invigorating AM shower or a PM shower to relax, you can now transform your experience with aromatherapy. Just clip the Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit to your shower head (it takes seconds!) and affix your essential oil pod of choice (they come in 6 organic aromatherapy blends: Breathe, Passion, Unwind, Night, Wisdom, Clear) and breathe in all the benefits of aromatherapy while you suds up. Each pod lasts 3-5 showers and is easily replaceable.

On The Go… 21 Drops Essential Oils ($29 each at
Bring the benefits of aromatherapy with you no matter where you go – or what benefit you need – with 21 Drops’ uber convenient rollerball aromatherapy oils. Available in a variety of blends targeting everything from sleep and strength to PMS and passion, the 100% natural and organically grown or wild-crafted oils are just the right size for tossing in your purse, perfect for a quick fix on the go.

While You Sleep… Bath&Body Works Lavender Chamomile Body Mist ($15 at
This mist may be designed for use on your body (and we’re certainly not discouraging that!) but we love spritzing this lavender chamomile mist on our pillows before bed to help us wind down after a long day and ensure we’re primed for the best possible night’s sleep ahead.