How To Love Yourself More

By Julia Argenti

Recently, we made a post-New Years resolution to fall deeply in love with ourselves with the same passion and devotion that we have for the people closest to us. And, well, Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect time to get started.

To some people, this sounded like a crazy, random idea. But this resolution is anything but random. In fact, we recently heard that about 80,000 thoughts go through our heads each day and, of those, 60,000 are negative! For many of us, at least half of those negative thoughts are about ourselves. “This shirt looks terrible on me,” “I’m having a bad hair day,” “I wish I were more like her,” etc. So, how are we to combat these self-deprecating stats? By being proactive!

Now, every time we have a negative thought about ourselves (which, of course, we’re trying to limit!), we have committed to thinking of at least one thing that we love about ourselves too! For example, when we begin to think, “I wish I were in better shape,” we’ll counter it with “I just ran for 30 minutes, that’s pretty incredible!” or “My body feels so strong!” After a few weeks of this practice, we can now stop ourselves mid-thought and smile, knowing what’s next.

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We know, we know: resolutions are often quickly buried somewhere deep under piles of to-do lists, so this time we’ve put some elements in place to ensure that this declaration of self-love is never ending. On our bathroom mirrors, we’ve taped a small note that reads, “I love you ____” (insert your name in there!) and say it to ourselves every morning to set our intention for the day. We’ve also set alerts to pop up on our cell phones and work calendar with the same phrase. It always makes us smile and love ourselves just a little bit more!

5 Steps To Self-Loving Success!

Step 1. Every morning when you first wake up, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you!” 8 times in a row.

Step 2. Throughout the day, when a negative thought about you passes through your mind, fight it with a positive loving thought.

Step 3. Fill your space with symbols that remind you to stay happy. We’re big fans of the Keep Calm and Carry On posters (and I designed one with my signature line on it: If life gives you lemons, the possibilities are endless. You can buy it here!)

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Step 4. Tell the people closest to you about your goal and ask them to support you on this endeavor. If they hear you self-deprecating, they can remind you of how incredible you are!

Step 5. Before bed, close your eyes and think of at least one thing that you’re grateful for. It can be anything from the amazing dinner you ate to how lucky you are to have an incredible loving family.

After taking these steps toward creating a positive and loving environment for yourself, you will begin to realize that you are better able to fully love yourself unconditionally. With that, the possibilities really are endless!

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