Winter Blues Got You Down?

Whether you meet the clinical requirements for seasonal affect disorder or not, the winter blues are real.

Long gone are the long days of summer and all too present at the cold, dark, dreary (and short!) days of winter. And that lack of sunshine is a bummer for more than your complexion.

In fact, sunshine is pretty much the happiness vitamin – and not just because of the Vitamin D it gives you (which it does!), but also because of the change in lifestyle habits that the changes in seasons ushers in.

So, how do you beat the winter blues?

How To Beat The Winter Blues

Exercise. We know, your warm cozy bed and the dark, cold air outside makes getting to the gym in the mornings far more difficult, but it’s all the more important. Not only because keeping a consistent schedule helps with seasonal depression, but also because those endorphins are REAL!

Practice Gratitude. Not everyone has a warm bed to curl up in. That dose of perspective makes everything easier.

Make Plans. It’s easy to stay inside when the temperatures drop, but the colder, darker days paired with a less than robust social calendar is a recipe for winter blues. Plan dinner, enlist your BFF in a morning workout plan, or sign up for a new class.

Have More Sex. It will keep you warm… but that’s not the only reason why you should do it. It also washes your body in feel good hormones that promote feelings of connection and general wellbeing.

Plan A Vacation… Even If You Never Go On It. Studies show that planning an exotic trip boosts your mood almost as much as actually going on it.

Try A New Hobby. Learning something new – and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it – is a great mood booster. Our pick: knitting – to keep us warm too!

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