Build Confidence: Tap Into A Deeper Beauty

By Maggie Lyon Varadhan

How many times do we wake up in the morning and not like what we see in the mirror, the number on the scale or how our clothes fit? How is it that we have become so rampantly critical and un-accepting, with little tolerance for even the slightest of perceived flaws?

Culturally, we have been terribly misguided and taught to strive for an unattainable perfection of our faces and bodies. We are hopelessly caught up and spend our time dismembering ourselves, guilty of caring too much about our shells. We’ve become so fixated on reshaping or replacing what we have decided doesn’t flatter, that accepting who we are in our bodies, with all our unique peculiarities, seems impossible.

Today, our plea is for tapping into our sense of deeper beauty.

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Historically, my weakness has always been my skin. The sight of a bump or blemish on my face has sent me reeling. I’ve walked through countless days with a gloomy pall separating me from feeling easy with myself, because I haven’t thought my face looked flawless enough.

Yet recently, I have been practicing something different. Instead of panicking when I see a spot, I realize that each pivotal moment like this with myself in the mirror, gives me another opportunity to fight the odds, prove the surface-obsessed throngs wrong, and to honor myself more, despite my breakout or rash. My 5-month-old daughter is teaching me a lot about this kind of reverential love. In her glowing gaze, there is no judgment, just simple adoration, as if she is saying over and over again in her pure expression that I have the most beautiful face in the world.

Whatever your hot button is—your weight, your wrinkles, your butt, your chest, your thighs or nose—can you imagine saying this every time you are in the mirror? Might you actually look into your own eyes and say to yourself that you have the most beautiful face or body in the world?

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This cloudless intimacy with self opens the gate to a core intelligence, unperturbed by skewed perception and totally awake to a more profound, ever-present beauty. Your innate loveliness is right there, patiently waiting for you to come around and finally see yourself for who you really are: a fleeting body, forever in flux, with an energetic pulsing center.

Go ahead. Dare to gaze lovingly into your own eyes. If you don’t do so well at it today, try it again tomorrow. Risk tapping into your deeper beauty. This practice will resonate all around you and offer to others a glimmer of a softer way of relating with themselves.

Isn’t it time you acknowledged your true magnificence? Isn’t it time to ultimately be free of self-diminishment and to live from such a noble, radiant place? There is, hands down, nothing more beautiful than this.

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