By Heather Regan

There is so much to be learned from Cinderella— not only in finding a prince, but also in manifesting killer shoes, a pumpkin coach and a lesson in how to stick it to the mean girls without saying a word. Cinderella taught us powerful lessons in self love, having a positive attitude regardless of your environment, and the power of manifesting your dreams.

Cinderella taught us that we don’t need anyone else, not even a prince, to complete us or teach us of our self worth.

When we love ourselves and take care of our own needs, we become enough just as we are. I love the fact that Cinderella didn’t ask for a prince. The truth is, Cinderella asked for a night off to care for herself. She asked for a dress and what she knew she deserved; to feel special and be reminded of her intrinsic beauty.

Regardless of her circumstances, Cinderella was confident, had a positive attitude, and stepped into the energy of being a princess long before she was one. 

Once she stepped into the energy of already knowing that she was a princess and claimed that energy, even when she was treated poorly and made to be a servant, her prince arrived. Cinderella did not walk around complaining about how she was being mistreated. She didn’t gossip all day about how she didn’t make enough money or how she deserved better. She didn’t mentally compare herself to her step sisters and whine about how life wasn’t fair. She simply went about her business and tended to her own side of the street. Cinderella owned her shit and held her head up high.

Instead of having a panic attack or two, Cinderella trusted in the process. 

I don’t remember Cinderella ever stressing, or blaming God for her circumstances. I remember her being very calm and displaying epic trust in the Universe. She trusted the process and knew that even before putting on that dress and stepping into those crystal shoes that she was enough. Cinderella owned her power and knew that the outcome would be exactly as she deserved even before she could see it with her physical eyes. The truth is, it wasn’t the dress or even the shoes that drew the prince to her.

What drew the prince to Cinderella was the energy she brought when she stepped into a room.

Cinderella was kind and she lived the life of a humble servant. Her spirit was gentle and pure and the prince could feel her love simply by being in her presence. The same is true for us each day. When we step into our beauty and live a life full of gratitude , focusing on what we have instead of living with a lack mentality, we bring a powerful presence with us wherever we go. When we own our power and live a large life, even when others do their best to make us feel small, our energy resonates and it makes others feel great just to be in our presence. This speaks so much louder than any words ever could. You see, when you live the life of a humble servant, show yourself and others unconditional love and live from the belief  that one day your prince will come, it is then that your prince and so much more arrives.

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