DIY Acupressure: 5 Pressure Points for a Relaxed, Stress Free You!

Temples. Press on the temples (the slight depression on the sides of your face between your hairline and eyebrows) with your middle fingers to help relieve headaches and promote relaxation.

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Third Eye. Press on the middle of your forehead (between your eyebrows) to help calm the mind. You can also also gently tap your third eye when feeling stressed midday.

Cupid’s Bow. Press in the middle of your cupid’s bow (the crease between your nose and the top of your upper lip) to help calm the spirit.

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Chin. Press in the middle of the indent between your lower lip and your chin to help balance hormonal fluctuations.

Inner Eyes. Press gently on the area between the inner corners of your eyes and the side of your nose to help relieve sinus pressure, headaches and tension.

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