If you’re feeling under the weather (literally) with a seasonal cold, give yourself an immunity boosting massage with these tips from Enrique Ramirez, the founder of Face to Face NYC. With a few drops of essential oils and your own hands you can speed up your recovery, ease your congestion and get back on your feet fast!

The Essential Oils. Choose your favorite essential oil for your at-home immunity boosting massage. Rosemary and lavender are the most recommended for de-stressing, while peppermint is recommended to stimulate circulation.

DIY Technique. No matter which part of your body you’re working on, always massage away from your heart and very gently in order to flush the lymphatic system

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Love Your Lymph Nodes. Flushing out your lymph nodes will help speed recovery and push all those germs out of your body. Use round circular movements (with your favorite essential oil) to gently apply pressure and massage the lymph nodes in your neck, under your arms and by your bikini line. If you have a 24 hour bug, massaging these areas will also help to speed the bug. Just remember to be gentle and to massage away from your heart.

Feel Your Feet. Tap into the benefits of reflexology to boost your immunity and get better stat. Just sit back, cross your leg and start rubbing and applying pressure along the bottoms of your feet with your fingers, with your thumb on the top of your feet. Any reflexology is great for easing breathing and alleviating colds, but pay special attention behind the big toe if you have headaches and the middle of the arch for back pain. Be firm, applying sustained, circular pressure for about 30 seconds at a time.

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