By Alexis Wolfer

Whether you’re prepping for a hot date (make out session expected) or meeting new potential business partners, nothing kills the mood (or the deal) faster than bad breath. And while there are those few times when we know we’ve had an untimely onion bagel or a garlicky vegetable dish, most of the time, people with bad breath don’t even know it. To ensure you’re not one of the 65 million Americans with bad breath (yes, it’s really that big of a problem!), Dr. Greg Diamond of New York City’s The Diamond-Schlesinger Group fills us in on how to check your breath (no, breathing into your palm doesn’t work!) and the best ways to tackle bad breath.

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3 Tests For Bad Breath

Floss your teeth and then smell the floss. If that dental floss has an odor, you actually have bad breath

Take a cloth and wipe the corners of your mouth or tongue. Wait 45 seconds before seeing if the cloth is either yellow or has an odor, both of which indicate bad breath.

4 fast fixes for bad breath!

Lick the back of your hand and wait 10 seconds before smelling your hand. If it smells less than stellar, there is a good chance that you have bad breath.

These self-tests are best done in the privacy of your home – sometimes the truth is harsh!

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