How To Fall In Love… With Yourself

10 Tips For Happiness, Confidence + Self-Love

When we heard that Sarah Karges, creator of the #30DaysSelfLove movement, just launched a new book and app in conjunction with her self-love movement, well, we were clearly behind it.

If you’re not familiar, the #30DaysSelfLove movement all began when actress/model Sarah Karges posted a video on YouTube saying “I love you” to herself and challenging herself to do it everyday for 30 days. It was emotional. It was transformative. It was rad.

Not surprisingly, her first video made a positive impact, with new people discovering #30DaysSelfLove each day. ​As more people started participating, ​Sarah was inspired ​to do more, creating a book featuring mini-memoirs and an app that takes the ego out of social media and helps people wake up and find inner beauty.

To help us get started on our own self love journey, we asked Sarah to share with us 10 tips for becoming the best possible version of ourselves. As Sarah says, “There’s no better time than now to incorporate simple daily practices to help you be a better YOU.”

Here are 10 great ways to fall in love with yourself and life, during this month of love…

Tell yourself, I LOVE YOU everyday. This one simple practice of saying “I love you” to yourself can go much deeper than you think. Just speaking these three words to yourself will spark an immediate change. It will allow you to let go of the negative self-talk and start replacing it with positive.   Everything starts from within you and if you can truly love who you are you’ll start seeing the positive in everything in your life. Then and only then will truly be able to accept love from others.

Forgive yourself and others. Forgiving yourself and others is one of the hardest things for many of us to do, but you can do it! Once you start really loving who you are and healing all of your past wounds, the next step is to forgive yourself for everything! It will be easy to implement this on the days you tell yourself I love you. Simply say “I love you and I forgive YOU!” After that it will get easier to forgive others in your life. Allowing all the unwanted pain that we carry from not forgiving someone can release you and set you free!

Be in full acceptance of all things. Acceptance of all things is powerful and goes hand-in-hand with loving and forgiving yourself. When you can accept yourself exactly how you are NOW then you can start accepting everything else. We always want to change things and make them better. What if we just accepted it as is and saw that it was perfect. Again, a great affirmation to tell yourself daily is “I accept and love myself exactly as I am in my past, present and future.”

Wake up with the sun everyday and say thank you! This is one of my favorites. Everyday as the sun rises we are given another chance to make each day wonderful. There is something really powerful about waking up with the sun and being in gratitude for all things. When we shift our attitude to be more gracious we start realizing that life isn’t so bad and that it can be pretty great. At sunrise, go outside, if possible, face the sun, open up your arms and say THANK YOU! Breathe in all the light and love and then exhale as you reflect on everything you’re grateful for.

Treat yourself to something you love. Get out there and treat yourself to something that you love. Whether it’s a fitness class or a yummy steak dinner, just do it! After all, you deserve it and are worth it! Another great affirmation that goes hand-in-hand with this is “I am worth it and I deserve it.”

Take 5 minutes of silence. Life can be so crazy these days. With time seeming to go faster than ever, it is really crucial to just sit in silence for 5 minutes everyday to gather your thoughts, release them and just be. A great affirmation for this is “I am exactly where I need to be.”

Go on a walk. You can learn a lot about your soul through the soles of your feet. Getting outside and taking a walk can bring in peace or spark a new creative idea. I suggest doing this without music so you can just listen to yourself and nature. We’re always given answers that are needed through signs. A simple walk in silence is a good place to start looking for them. As you walk, tell yourself “I am open to receiving all the signs and love.”

Be aware of your thoughts, your words and your actions. Intention is everything. If you can really start being aware of what you’re creating in your life through your thoughts, your words and your actions, you can start shifting things. When negative thoughts arise, practice saying “cancel” and simply replace it with a good one.

Do something fun! Life is meant to be enjoyed. Get out there and do something fun. Turn up the music in your house and dance your heart out or jump in your car for a fun weekend road trip. Laugh, sing, dance and be free! Tell yourself “I love my life” and soon you will.

Share the LOVE. Once you start feeling the love, you need to share the love with others. When you’ve filled your gas tank up with your own love you can finally give it away. Look people in the eye and truly listen to them. Say I love YOU! You’ll find you’ll receive more love back when you practice this daily. Give a little to get a little.