Why Feeling Horrible Is A Good Thing. (Or Can Be!)

Feel Your Emotions. Don’t Eat Them. Here’s Why.

By Marina Yanay-Triner

Are you drowning your emotions with food?

Sure, sometimes comfort food is a good thing, eliciting memories of our childhood. But sometimes, it’s a way to numb the loneliness, pain, fear, guilt, and shame we may all experience at times.

Whether your comfort food is steamed broccoli or raw brownie batter, though, isn’t the issue. It’s what it all means. It’s not about good foods or bad foods. It’s not about eating really fast, standing up, when no one is watching. It is about emotions and, more accurately, using food choices to avoid dealing with emotions.

This is the problem.

Concealing your emotions with food is a problem not because you’ve found yourself wrist deep in a tub of peanut butter, but because these emotions, over time, will show up in other unfriendly forms in our bodies. They don’t just go away.

During trauma the nervous system goes into survival mode. Stress hormones like cortisol are elevated, blood pressure rises, and your immune system suffers..

Honoring your emotions isn’t weak. Whether we like it or not, our emotions are a huge part of our existence and neglecting them means neglecting who we are.

So What Do I Do Now?

If you want to be healthy and whole, listen to your feelings.

Instead of ignoring your feelings by watching a movie or forcing yourself to be happy and give gratitude when you feel horrible: don’t.

Just feel horrible.

Feel horrible for as long as you need to.

Experience the pain, sadness, and anger in you. Feel it fully.

This is the only way to release these emotions, and releasing them completely will allow you to eat the foods that you need to eat, and live the life you want to live while always being connected to yourself and your needs.

Have you ever had a good long cry and felt amazing afterwards?

That is what I am suggesting you do: feel your emotions fully and you will feel magnificent rewards.

Sure, the road is long and tough. I for one can tell you that it’s very challenging for me to allow myself to feel, and I always prefer to hide in my work. But we can all work towards it, especially after knowing the scientific evidence that suggests how critical this is to our health.

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