By Karen Rose

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little blah. Ho hum. Out of sorts.

No particular reason, either. It’s just one of those times when I feel a little bit down. You know, like grumpy cat.

Some people will tackle their low mood with an endorphin-inducing marathon followed by a mountain climb (and quite possibly a detox). Me? I’m more of the curl-up-with-my-favorite-book kind of gal.

So in the spirit of, well, lifting my spirits, I thought I’d share some techniques that work for me:

A cup of hot water with lemon. This is a recent discovery if mine and I’m addicted. Weirdly enough it relaxes me far more than tea (aside from the occasional “lemon face” I make while drinking it). Apparently it has oodles of health benefits too, but to be honest I drink it because it’s hot and soothing, not because it’ll kick-start my digestion.

Spending time with someone who uplifts me. For me this is generally my husband, but whether it’s a friend, partner or family member, “uplifts” is the key here. Make a coffee date with someone who makes you laugh – there’s no better way to brighten your mood.

Reading a book. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a nerd, but books have always had a powerfully relaxing effect on me. Reading is also a great way to get away from my various iDevices and the mind-consuming social media that comes with them.

Doing something creative. Okay, let me preface this by saying I am not a creative person. Really. But oddly enough I adore drawing on my Paper by FiftyThree app for iPad! If I’m not in the mood to draw, I’ll grab the (actual) camera and photograph something. No time for the blahs when you’re being (err, pretending to be!) an artist!

These techniques work for me. I’m hoping they may work for you too… but if you’re more of the mountaineering type, then start climbing!

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