Fragrance For Your Home: How To Have The Best Smelling House On The Block, Naturally

By Cindy Augustine

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or just want a clean and fresh smelling home to come back to after a long day at work, natural cleansers and home scents are the way to go. But if you’ve ever sprayed too much Fabreze or overdone it on the Glade Plug-Ins, you know that there is a fine line between a room that smells deliciously inviting and one that makes you nauseated.

Bottom line: we’d venture to guess that Christine Dimmick has the best-smelling home on the block. As the founder of The Good Home Company, Christine’s business is about home care and fragrance, built upon her love of natural scents. Her products are not just green, non-toxic and not tested on animals, they simply smell gorgeous. This busy entrepreneur, mom, and domestic goddess was kind enough to answer some of our domestic inquiries.

What’s one rule of thumb we should look for when choosing a home scent? The scent should compliment your décor.  A fresh pine scent does not make sense in a beach house.  Just like a swimsuit doesn’t make sense with winter snowshoes.  If you have a lot of earth tones in your home, choose earthy scents, like amber, Frasier fir, vanilla, spice.  A modern space is clean and the décor is accentuated when using clean scents – it will compliment the design and not conflict with it.

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What’s your go-to scent to give as gift? Or, in other words, what’s a universally pleasing smell? Our Beach Days fragrance is hands down my universal go to scent.  If I am not giving my own products, I find that fresh citrus scents are a safe choice and always enjoyed by all.

Some of us live in small spaces. How can we scent different parts of our home (like a small apartment!) without combining fragrances? Reed Diffusers are a great way to scent a small area.  You could use one scent in your living area and a different scent in your kitchen – without them combining.  A good candle can scent 800 square feet or more, but reed diffusers really only scent a three-foot radius.

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What’s your favorite scent in your collection? I change with each season – right now I’m loving our Noel scent!  It smells like a fresh cut Christmas tree and is getting me excited for the winter.

Short of throwing all of our junk in a closet, what’s a quick & easy way to clean your home in a hurry? Wipe down the kitchen counter, pick up any items off the floor and neaten up clutter like magazines.  Spray our sheet and clothing spray in the Pure Grass scent – for an instant freshness – for that just cleaned smell.

This is a little random but we’re curious – is your house ever a mess? I have a 3½ year-old son and a husband and maintained my neat freak-ness until my son was about one year and then I gave up.  My home is clean – and smells great – but it is always a mess.  Between running a business and being a wife and Mom, I do not have the luxury of time and cleaning my own home. (I say luxury as to have the time to truly clean your home alone and unbothered, which is like going to the spa for me – I find it meditative).  When our amazing cleaning person, Marlene, comes, the apartment is awesome.  My husband and son will try their absolute best to keep that apartment as Marlene left it until I come home and enjoy 30 minutes –maybe! – until the toys and play-doh and peanut butter take over.

Can you share an easy recipe for a cleaning solution or home fragrance? White vinegar and water can clean almost anything as vinegar has natural antibacterial properties – it just doesn’t smell good.  Make a quick room spray by combining ½ cup of witch hazel with 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.  Put it all in a glass bottle with a sprayer.  You can use this in the air, on your pillows, even spray your curtains and fabric furniture with it to add a freshness and scent!

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For more of Christine’s tips, click here and New Yorkers should check out her retail shop at 132 ½ West 24th Street, 212-352-1509.