By Kelly Lynn Adams

Do you ever think about how you would rate your confidence level when it comes to running your business and dealing with your clients? If you are working for someone else or if you work in Corporate America, are you always confident about your work? Are you as confident as you can be around your boss and co-workers? If confidence is something that you or someone that you know is looking to improve on, check out these 5 simple tips that, when practiced and implemented in your life, will have you walking around like the diva that you are!

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others ~ Most of us do it at one point or another, but some of us compare ourselves to others so often that it affects both our confidence and self-esteem. When you measure yourself against the accomplishments of others it can lead to depressed, jealous or resentful feelings. So, the next time you start to compare yourself to someone else, first become aware that you are doing it and then tell yourself to stop. Then start thinking about all of the things that you do have, the things you love, the people in your life and all the blessings in your life.

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Exercise ~ Exercise has been shown to improve both mental health (by releasing mood-improving endorphins) and physical wellbeing (by reducing the likelihood of illnesses) while also improving the way you feel about yourself. So, whether you prefer to dance, go to the gym, run outside, bike, take a yoga class or box, get moving. It may just pay off, literally!

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Follow Your Passion ~ When you are clear about your passion and you follow it, you naturally have a little kick in your step. Why? Well for those of you who know what you are passionate about and are actually living your passion, you are doing what you love! And doing what you love always makes you feel good, confident and unstoppable. So, whether you work for yourself or someone else, find what you love and find a way to make money doing it. For those of you who don’t know what your passion is, make a list of what you love to do. Get really clear about this list and explore everything that you write down. Then see if you can make money following any of your passions (or maybe even start a business around it).

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Find the Opportunity in Every Situation ~ Every situation has some sort of opportunity. While this may be hard for some people to grasp, if you find yourself dealing with a challenging situation or person, stop and ask yourself, “what is the opportunity here?” Just asking the question will automatically shift your perception and help you to find an opportunity in the situation. If you cannot find an opportunity in that second, that is ok. At least you were thinking about it and this alone will help to increase your confidence and shift your thinking in a more positive and productive way.

Have Fun ~ Finally, make sure you are having fun in whatever you are doing. Smile, laugh and let loose. By simply letting go, relaxing and having fun, you allow yourself to feel good – and improving your confidence and self-esteem is all about feeling good!


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