Do THIS Naked. You’ll Be Happier.

Is Getting Naked The Key To Happiness?

By Kyla Sokoll-Ward

Ya know how kids are always naked – and happy about it?

(Tell me I’m not the only one!)

When did we get to a point that a woman feeling comfortable in her naked body was unusual? When did we start to feel ashamed of the way our bellies roll or our thighs touch? When did the focus on what our bodies look like overcome the focus on what our bodies could do?

Children are so comfortable with their bodies. There’s no hesitation, no fear of judgment, no comparing one bare booty to another. Just joy in how good and funny it felt to be without clothes.

What the hell happened?!

I’ll tell you what happened…

When Being Naked Became A “Bad” Thing

It’s not just that modesty and self-judgement are a part of growing up (although, sadly, they are…), it’s that we were taught to feel ashamed of our bodies.

We were taught (through the media, overhearing our moms talking about their latest diets, etc)  that any part of our body that isn’t perfectly toned, slimmed, or sucked in – which, for the record, can never be the case when we’re compared to a computer-generated (or, at the very least, edited) impossible-to-reach standard – needs to be changed.

We’re taught to be ashamed of our bodies and of our sexuality – and the consequences are dire.

I feel deep into this trap when I was in the throes of cyclic compulsive binge eating and food restricting.

I exercised daily. I ate “perfectly.” But I was just never good enough because that bar was constantly being set higher and higher. I avoided mirrors in order to avoid the shame.


Too many women fall into this trap. But it’s neither inevitable nor worthwhile.

We are more than a number on the scale – but how do we relearn to appreciate our bodies without judgement? How can you overcome this shame, stop criticizing your body, and instead celebrate it?

You can start by letting nudity become a part of your daily ritual, knowing that nudity is a beautiful and sacred state of being, one that connects us to our bodies and our femininity – regardless of what we believe about our tummies.

Here’s How To Feel Better Naked

Stand in front of the mirror and look at your body for everything that she is. Look at her curves, her crevices, think about all of the amazing things she’s doing for you inside without you even noticing. Touch your stomach, your hips, your breasts. Touch the parts of your body you like the least and just get familiar with what they are instead of constantly trying to force them into something they’re not.

The female body is truly a wonder – and it’s about damn time we give her some appreciation.

If you really want to amp up this self-love exercise, spend 5 minutes each day dancing naked in front of your mirror to your favorite music. This will further help you to get used to the sight of your body as she is. Moreover, you’re doing something fun and enjoyable with her, instead of punishing her with torturous exercise. Get connected to your body and thank her for giving you the ability to move – a gift that’s not afforded to everyone.

Our bodies – no matter their shape, size, or imperfections – deserve to be celebrated. Your body does so much for you everyday, so give her a little love in return.