By Kelsea Brennan

Drama: we love to hate it (and tend to hate those who love it).  Yet it’s nevertheless hard to escape and often even self-constructed. It’s seemingly everywhere (in the news, at work, in our relationships) and many of us unintentionally feed off of drama because we (perhaps subconsciously) think that life is not all that exciting. And while a bit of excitement never hurts, drama can cause massive amounts of unnecessary and undesirable emotional damage.  So, how do we bid farewell to the drama queens in each of us? Here are 10 tips to help decrease the drama.

Disengage. When you hear or see drama, walk away.  Life is much too precious to engage in something that ultimately leaves you feeling deflated.

Stop Complaining. Complaining gets you nowhere but deeper into a dramatic delusion, especially when other people join.  Click here to take a complain-free pledge.

Don’t be a Gossip Girl. Gossip is what we do when we want to feel better about ourselves at someone else’s expense.  If you have an issue with someone, have a conversation with the person on how you can both better manage your relationship.

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Separate. Power of Now author Eckhart Tolle tells us to separate the story from the facts.  The fact may be that your boss needed you to stay late because of a last minute project, but your story may quickly become that your boss is a selfish jerk! The story, no matter how true it may feel, though, is drama. So, stick to the facts.

It’s a Choice.  Don’t fall victim to your relationships.  You choose with whom you surround yourself; so steer clear of those who insist on a drama dance party.

Drink Less.  Alcohol is often a key ingredient in the recipe for drama. You don’t have to cut alcohol entirely, just know how you react after one too many – and stop before that point.

Don’t be a storyteller. Having to live through an annoying situation is bad enough, recreating the feeling every time we retell it, though, is optional.  Tell it once (if you must) and drop it.

Meditate.  This tip never gets old.  Meditation allows us to separate from the mind (where drama is created) so that we can observe (rather then engage in) the turmoil.

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Get Your Z’s.  Ever notice when you’re tired how everything upsets you more. Getting a good night’s sleep will keep you from over reacting to the unavoidable things in life.

Be Positive.  When you’re feeling up, it’s harder to bring you down and the minor irritations in life don’t seem so bothersome. Keep a positive outlook, do things you enjoy and enjoy life –  life will make sure you enjoy it in return.

Get help.  Drama is an addiction and, unfortunately, it is everywhere. If you can’t seem to get away from it, enlisting some friends to help may be necessary.

Take Small Steps. Drama is heavy and just eliminating a little bit can make a huge difference!

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