GoddessScopes: Your Quarterly Horoscope

Your Horoscope For The Next 3 Months

We’re halfway thru 2015 (crazy, right?!), which means it’s time to check in and reflect on where we’re at and where we want to go – and what better way to find grounding (or just provoke thinking!) than with a horoscope?

For most of us, 2015 has been a year of many shifts. As astrology expert Amy Javier tells us, “[2015] has literally pushed us into a speedy timeline. From all of the emotional detoxing, all of the Eclipses on New Moons, and Eclipses on Full Moons, all of the spiritual detoxes and positive intention settings have brought us to this mid point of ‘where do we go from here?'”  And, well, as she explains, “the stars can always answer that question.”


Here’s what she has to share with us all for July, August, and September…

Your Midpoint Horoscope For 2015

Dear Goddesses,

We are in a time of major shifts into higher dimensions. We are turning in from all the T.V., Media and things of the outside (although so entertaining to follow along with) and turning within to who we are as MAJESTIC and Sexy goddesses.


Here are your GoddessScopes for July, August and September. The times fun times ahead before Harvest time (most favorite times of them all).

When you get a chance—Look at the positives and see what you finally let go of, and REPLACE that with yummy feelings things you want to look forward to in your life. They will come quickly for you once you gain that sense of Inner Peace again. August is a good time to snuggle up and give yourself some tender love and care. Grab a yummy book and have spa time with yourself. This is a great time to pamper yourself and give your self that goddess love you deserve. All the way through September, your health needs some lovin’ and extra care.
Goddess Mood: Mindfully Healthy

July will be a time for you to start allowing for others to help you in your business and in your life. Most of us have businesses and home life which we have to tend to with both our hearts and attention. Let others help you in either or. In your business, find an assistant. At home, get a babysitter. Someone that you trust in getting the job done right will surely free up some time for you to have for yourself and with your beloved partner (if paired).  There may be some uncertainty and confusion up until September for you. All the best time for you to find a sacred space and spend time in your altar. Connect with the divine and Breathe.
Goddess Mood: Grounded Flow

You have been going through major spiritual and health detoxes lately. I would call it, a LIFE detox. You have been literally getting rid of all the muck and useless garbage from your body, mind and spirit. NOW, is the time that you are feeling lighter and transformation is well on its way to completion. Once the phoenix’s ashes are on the floor, new skin turns to GOLD. This is for you, dear Gem. This month you celebrate this new found glory within. You are purifying your way into independence from ANYTHING that NO LONGER SERVES! Go YOU!
Goddess Mood: Indepen-DANCE

Lots of Success has been happening for you throughout June and starting July it’s only getting better! Yes darlin’ this flow is a continual flow of abundance for you, as you are opening up and trusting in the universal flow. Let it permeate your EVERY cells with vitality and joy. This life force will bring you abundance in business, family life and romance (ooo la la). A secret admirer will attempt in approaching you this month and if paired, your partner will be tremendously helpful and loving towards you. You are realizing what is good for you and fair for you in all relationships.
Goddess Mood: Personal Equilibrium

July has been a great start for your creative endeavors. You will get a BURST of creative energies ready for you to take over. It is a good time for getting down to business for your soul business and your creative pursuits. Arts, music and dance are favorable mediums for you to connect to your inner Goddess. The last couple of months may have been still for you (not much your style since you LOVE the drama sometimes)…so prepare for the times you love coming up July, Aug and September. Expressing yourself is SUPER important for you these months.  A good time to write that book you have been wanting to write.
Goddess Mood: Dancing Queen

It is a good time for you to heal, Virgo. July and August are times where you will be able to forgive past hurts. This type of forgiveness will open you up to new romantic possibilities. This kind of forgiveness, free’s you from your mind and self criticism. Let go of the self blame in past situation. As you let go of that , you start opening up the NEW doors of unconditional love and compassion. In September, notice how many things are DIFFERENT for you on an emotional level.
Goddess Mood: Unconditional Love

Compassion has been a big theme for you , goddess. It will continue to be so , as this is one of your best traits. This trait is what helps you be so peaceful and keep peace within relationships. These next few months that peace will go within, to your sense of self. You will find a new found compassion within for your self. Listen to your inner voice with this one. This is an important part for you, Libra. Pay attention.
Goddess Mood: Nonjudgemental + Compassionate

Becoming independent of your bad habits have been on the forefront. Many of the drama that comes up in your life is not because of the people around you, it’s because it’s your nature as a Scorpio to go through these kinds of trials. No worries though because you are becoming a master on tackling these challenges. Stay away from gossip and slander in the coming months. Its for your own good. This kind of letting go will truly make way for new projects and new business to flow.
Goddess Mood: Keen Awareness

July, June and August are high times for you to purify your mind and body. As much of this is needed for you to enter (in a September) ad phase of fertility. You will be giving birth to NEW ideas and give birth to new conditions in your life both mentally and life in general.  Make sure you do the work of detoxing first to step into this new wave of fertility. Ground work before the harvesting.
Goddess Mood: Pure Fertility

So many of you Capi’s have been breaking through, noticing who you really are as souls. This in turn has brought you to a place that you are connecting to your own rhythm. The rhythm within you. Honor this. Honor your body. Honor your own nature. Honor your own rhythms. These rhythms are the movements of nature itself. Honor your everything. Pay close attention to your emotions and what is triggering them.
Goddess Mood: Go with the Flow, yo!

Aquarius, much of your new adventures in life , love and work has brought you to a place where you are at peace. Finding that everything in your life is perfectly in it’s place , and where it should be brings you Peace. The worries of the past has brought you to this point where those worries are drifting away. Notice how those worries come back sometimes and what you do to keep them at bay. Awareness is key for your peace.
Goddess Mood: Letting go and letting Goddess

The Goddess Yemanya is with you on these months. These months show you that you have so much abundance in hindsight and the doors are opening up. Many new doors in relationships are opening up, specially those within your soul family. You will start meeting people of like minds and souls, as you expand your tribe.
Goddess Mood: Ever-flowing Abundance

Amy Javier is an astrology expert and wellness expert based in New York City and Hong Kong. She works with women in connecting to their hearts both in their soul biz and soul journeys. For more info on her Style Mystic soul journey coaching programs visit her here.