By Sarah Jenks & Nisha Moodley

Most of us think that “balance” is something we will find one day.  Once we’ve crossed everything off our list, once we get done with this meeting or get the house in order, that’s when we’ll have time for ourselves.

Often, we are our own last priority. Work, family, relationships and walking the dog always come before us. It’s natural to think that things will fall apart if we don’t give every single inch of ourselves. And, of course, we hope that at some point we’ll catch a break, that at some point the magic time fairy will come down and make us “balanced” if we just keep plugging away.

Could your diet be affecting your mood?

You see, when we consistently put ourselves last, we are completely stripping our lives of any relaxation or pleasure.  But, as women, we need relaxation and pleasure, it is our life force.   We are meant to be sensual, centered, intuitive beings, not workaholic robots.

It’s no wonder that, for many, food becomes our only source of pleasure and that when we have a plate of food in front of us, we want to overindulge in this singular source of fun, excitement, pleasure and me-time in our whole day!  We quickly learn to automatically reach for food any time we need a break or a pick me-up, even if we aren’t hungry, because it’s the only way we’re feeling satisfied.

But we are giving food more power than it deserves.

So here’s what you need to do: reorganize your priorities!  The reality is that the more time you take to nurture yourself, the more efficient you will be with your time, the more energy you will have for other people, the happier you will be and the less you will need to food to make you feel good.

How to stop your food cravings!

Here are 3 easy steps towards putting yourself first and releasing your obsession with food:

Add some pleasure into your life, everyday.  Take a bath, get your nails done, get a 10 min back massage, get your partner to give you a foot massage, have more sex, whatever you can imagine.

Once a week go for a long walk by yourself, without your cell phone.

Take a lunch break!  Leave the office, sit in a park or go to a great restaurant.  Taking 30 minutes to an hour will re-charge you and will give you the energy and the focus to power through your afternoon’s work.

No one else is going to do this for you.  You need to create balance and do the work to adjust your habits.  After all, it takes great effort to be effortless at anything.

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Over the next four weeks, Nisha Moodley and Sarah Jenks are going to give you  practical and useful tips so you can take steps towards beating the mental craziness and negotiation around food in order to help end your frustration with food and your body.