Hillary Clinton Says Meditation Helps Her Stay Calm

No matter what you think about Hillary Clinton (though, for the record: #ImWithHer), that woman keeps her cool.

11 hours of testimony: cool as a cucumber.

40 some odd years of insane scrutiny: no sweat.

Her secret (according to The Washington Post): meditation!

“Last fall, when the former secretary of state responded to nearly 11 hours of grating Republican questions in a House Benghazi Committee hearing, many commentators noted her discipline, thoroughness and “unearthly stamina.” When friendly members of Congress  asked her about her secret to staying focused, even-keeled and alert amidst the endless onslaught, an NPR microphone caught her explaining that she practiced meditation during the times in the hearing when she didn’t need to speak.”

For those of you who have spent time with any meditation teachers, well, this should come as not surprise. Meditation gurus are some of the most calm, centered, and content people we’ve ever met.

Want to do a better job of keeping your cool? Check this out: Meditation For Beginners (and Skeptics Too!)

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Photo Credit: The Washington Post

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