Holiday Checklist Remix: Give The Gift Of Self-Care

Holiday Checklist Out Of Control? Try This!

By Katie Dalebout

The holidays are a crazy time. In addition to all of our usual day to day obligations, we suddenly add on an entirely new set of responsibilities, jam packed in a holiday checklist filled with holiday parties, gift buying, decorating, and baking.

During the season of love and togetherness, it can be all too easy to deviate from our usual self-care practice as our normally jam-packed to-do list becomes a holiday checklist of craziness.

This year, though, we’re all about digging deeper.

Ready to revamp your holiday checklist with us?

Here are ways to restructure your massive holiday to-do list into a list that actually makes you feel good.

  1. Buy presents becomes be present. Your presence is your greatest gift under the tree.
  2. Wrap Gifts becomes wrap someone in a hug.
  3. Cook food becomes donate food to someone in need.
  4. Put up lights becomes be the light. There is so much negativity and sadness around this time, if you can show up being the light for your family and friends it can change everything.
  5. Make cookies becomes make love. Trust me, it is a way more productive and healthy use of your time and energy.
  6. Send cards becomes send peace. Simply sending good intentions and prayers can be more powerful, more meaningful, more environmentally friendly than signing and sending cards. Save the stamps and paper. Send cheer with your mind.

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