Holiday Survival: 6 Tips For Stress-Free Travel

Wedged somewhere between the bumper-to-bumper drive to the airport and peeling my ass off a seat (aka out of a sardine can) 5 hours later, I have a tendency to lose my sanity.

All. Of. It.

Throw in a snowmageddon, a sugar high (and crash) from airport candy, and a run in with an ex at LAX, and, well, it’s a miracle if you’re one of the few for whom holiday travel doesn’t leave you stressed to the core.

Holiday stress, though, isn’t inevitable. Instead, plan ahead and you’ll breeze through this year’s holiday travel as easy as pie.

How To Survive Holiday Travel

Plan Ahead. Pack your bags – especially your carry on – for ease of passing through security. Know where your ID is, have your computer easily accessible for screening, and wear shoes that are easy to take off and get back on.

Drink. Sure, a glass (or 4) or wine could help, but I’m talking water. Staying hydrated is, after all, the key to keeping your skin clear, your immune system functioning at its best, and jet lag a nonevent – and let’s be clear here: those measly cups the flight attendants pass around every 2 hours just don’t cut it. Put me on a flight from LA to NY, though, and I used to spend $15 stocking up on water. Now, I just pack my BKR bottle ($30 at, chug it empty before security, and refill it at the water fountain before boarding. Life. Changing.

Snack. Before your start scouring for healthy snacks at the airport, and instead find yourself elbow deep in a giant bag of peanut M&Ms, plan ahead and sign up for Nature Box ($19.95 and up at Each month they’ll send you 5 nutritionist-approved snacks (either of your choosing or theirs), perfect for the plane.

Blot. Break a sweat every time the flight attendant tells you to buckle up in preparation of landing? Keep Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens ($10 at in your purse to instantly blot away excess oil and perspiration without disturbing your makeup.

Drink…Again. Once you land, bee-line to the nearest beverage-selling airport shop and pick up a ZICO Premium Coconut Water ($1.89 at Because the air in-flight is particularly dry, it’s essential to hydrate before, during, and after your flight, even if you think you are not thirsty – and with coconut water you’ll not only hydrate faster than with water, you’ll also feed your body 5 essential electrolytes too.

Meditate. Before you embark on a stressful journey (whether that’s en route to the airport or on your way to your Aunt-Who-Can’t-Help-But-Ask-Why-You’re-Single-Every-10-Minutes’ house), give yourself a moment to center yourself. Click here to see how to meditate if you’re new to it.