By Kelly Lynn Adams

Deserve a raise for all you do but not sure how to ask for it? Well, whether it’s review time at your workplace or you’re just ready to ask for what you want, we want to help you not only ask for the raise you deserve, but also help you get it! You work hard and deserve to be recognized for it and nicely compensated. Here are 5 tips that will help increase your confidence, boost your negotiating skills and improve the likelihood of securing the raise you deserve.

Tip #1 Determine The Facts: Before asking for a raise, do some research. Know the typical salaries in your field (you can usually find this information online) and what other people in similar jobs in your city currently earn. Take into account how many years you have been in your current field and how long you have been with the company to determine where you fall in the range.

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Tip #2 Present Your Case & Toot Your Own Horn: Take the time to compile a detailed list of your skills, successful accomplishments and examples of how you saved the company money and added value to the firm since your last promotion. Do not assume your boss is going to remember all of the successes that you have had in the past, so make sure to bring it to his or her attention and toot your own horn. Think of this process as selling yourself, just as you would if you were trying to get a prospective employer to hire you.

Tip #3 Have A Back-Up Plan In Case You Do Not Get The Raise: Before you go into your boss’s office you want to be prepared for not getting a raise or getting a smaller raise than you expected. What will you do if that happens? Will you start to look for another opportunity within the same company, ask for another raise at a later date or start looking for another job so that you can leave the company altogether? If you did not get a raise or didn’t get the amount that you expected, make sure you nicely ask the reasons why so that you can plan accordingly.

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Tip #4 Set Up A Meeting With Your Boss & Just Ask: Set up a meeting with your boss to talk about your performance. This will show your boss just how serious you are about your career and a raise. Do not sit on the sidelines expecting for a magical moment to arrive to ask for what you want. Ask and you shall receive.

Tip #5 Do Not Get Emotional Or Compare Yourself To Others: If your boss does not initially agree to your request, do not show negative emotional reactions. Do not threaten to quit or show that you are irritated, especially if you want to keep you job. The smartest thing to do if you want to keep your job is to listen, be polite and be patient. Lastly, you do not want to compare yourself to others as this could backfire and show you in a negative light. Do your best to have a positive attitude in order to signal to your boss that you are a leader and emotionally mature enough to handle any situation.

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