How To Be A Happy Morning Person: A 10 Step Routine

Happy Morning People Do These 10 Things

If you think you’re just not a morning person, well, that’s about to change.

Fine, you may not become a morning person, but we can certainly help you to have happier mornings (even if you’d rather be sleeping until noon).

While this is not to discount that some people’s circadian rhythms (our internal clocks, if you will) run earlier than other people’s, no one is destined to a life of miserable mornings.

Rather, here are 10 steps you can follow to ensure healthier, happier, and easier mornings – and maybe even a healthier, happier, and easier life!

How To Be A Happy Morning Person

Set an alarm. Before hitting the sack, set your alarm with plenty of extra time so you’re not rushed. Starting the day off rushed is a surefire way to feel frenetic all day.

Declare an intention for tomorrow. Think about one thing – big or small – that makes you want to get out of bed tomorrow. It can be very specific to the day at hand or more general. Perhaps it’s happy hour with a friend after work, maybe it’s a warm cup of coffee. It can be anything but it’s important to have something that has you excited to wake up tomorrow.

Plan your sleep. If you know you need 8 hours of sleep and that you have to be awake by 7am to get to work on time, make sure you’re winding down and getting ready for sleep well before midnight. Ideally, you’ll hit the sack at the same time most (if not every) night so that your body too can start to learn your sleep patterns, helping with the next step too.

Try to wake up naturally. If you wake up naturally within 1 hour of the time your alarm is set, you’re most likely better off getting up then. Getting in sync with your body’s natural sleep/wake/dream cycles will ensure you wake up refreshed and not mid REM sleep. This, though, takes time so for now, just try your best.

Don’t hit snooze. This will be hard for some of you, but let’s be honest here: you’re not actually getting quality sleep here when your alarm is going off every 7 minutes. Instead, set your alarm for when you really need to get up and get up at that time. Now’s the time to acknowledge the thing you’re excited about to help propel you out of bed!

Drink water. A big glass. Right when you wake up. Fine, you can pee first, but after that, it’s all about the water! Over the course of the night, you can actually become quite dehydrated, which can leave you low in energy and feeling crummy. Plus, it’s good for your skin too!

Take a deep breath. You’ve likely been shallowly breathing all night long. Get some fresh air in those lungs of yours – ideally outside (even if it’s a just a peak out the door or window).

Meditate. “But I don’t have time to meditate in the morning, I’m always rushing,” you say. Well, first of all, this is exactly why you need to meditate and second, meditation can take as much or as little time as you’d like. It’s really about taking a moment and being in the present before jumping into your day. Whether it’s 20 seconds done in bed or 20 minutes sitting on the floor, you’ll feel the benefits. New to meditation? Click here.

Practice gratitude. Whether you compliment yourself on something or acknowledge something in your life you’re grateful for, you’ll start the day on a positive note. (You can even do this while you’re brushing your teeth, so no excuses!) Ideally you’ll write it down if for no other reason than it’s awesome to look back on the things you’re grateful for at the end of a month, year, decade, but just thinking about it is great too.

Eat breakfast. Breakfast literally comes from “break fast” and that’s exactly what you should do. Try not to shovel food in as your rushing off to work (again, comes back to planning), but anything is better than nothing for your energy, metabolism, and mood.

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