By Nicole Teh

Real Beauty, undeniably, comes from within. But how do we tap into a vibrant inner beauty so that we exude a glowing outer beauty? Well, we need to begin by taping into our true selves. When we believe in ourselves, we shine with the confidence and vibe we exude. So, how do we access this deep inner beauty? Read on!

Know yourself. To love yourself, you first need to know yourself, to realize and appreciate your unique, individual ways. Understanding what works for you, what motivates you, how you react to different situations and more all help us to discover our true selves and our boundaries. With each life experience, try to learn something about yourself along the way.


Indulge. Know (or discover) what you like and spend quality time indulging in it. Whether it is in sports, musical talents, singing, writing or comforting others, find your niche and own it.

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Be Open Minded. Be willing to explore your boundaries. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and you’ll likely be surprised at what you discover about yourself and what you’re capable of. We are what we limit ourselves to be – so expand your limits.

Be Positive. Our reactions to circumstances say a lot about our outlook on life. Choosing to see the brighter side of a situation will undoubtedly yield a better outcome. Positivity breeds confidence. Like attracts like. So, feel comfortable giving praise, proclaiming love and adoration, giving encouragement and showing support. You will soon see your positive vibes contagiously spreading to people around us.

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Accept rejection. Feeling rejected is one of the toughest things in life. That being said, rejection is something we will all be faced with time and time again so long as we’re striving for greatness (as we should!). Rather than resisting because of fear of rejection, learn how to deal with it instead. Allow yourself to feel the pinch, but be careful not to dwell on it. Take time to understand the reason behind the rejection and see it as a lesson learned, informing and empowering your next attempt at victory. Let go of the negative feelings and remember that the willingness to let go takes us a million miles further. It’s fine to sulk while crestfallen, but don’t allow yourself to keep falling or for your confidence to be crushed.

Take Care Of Yourself. Taking care of yourself can take many forms, but it most surely includes treating your body with respect, eating well and exercising adequately. It also means knowing your boundaries and having the confidence to say no, when appropriate.

Do A Good Deed. Our actions mirror our inner beauty and, thus, the beauty we exude from within.  Make an effort to help a stranger with his or her groceries, hold the door for the people behind you or buy coffee for the person standing behind you in line. It will boost your mood, make someone else’s day and even make you more beautiful!

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