By Nitika Chopra

The typical scene begins with a woman sitting alone on a couch, watching The Notebook, with a large spoon making its way from the Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream into her mouth, with tear-stained tissues surrounding her as she cuddles the softest blanket she owns.  Her boyfriend or girlfriend and she have just broken up and she can’t see anything but tears, fears and sadness.  We’ve all been there to one degree or another and it stinks. We know.

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Don’t worry ladies, we’re not here to dig an even deeper hole of sadness and despair for you. Rather, we’re here to tell you that there is light beyond this breakup!  We know, every situation is unique; but one thing that remains the same is that breakups can be painful and traumatizing for all those involved, but they don’t have to be.

We’re not saying we have a magic pill for you to swallow so that nothing hurts, but we do have some simple and achievable steps you can take to keep you on the right track for healing your broken heart.  Take it one step at a time and spend as much time as you think your particular situation needs on each step.  This is a great time to use that intuitive voice we were all blessed with, so get ready to get your power back!

3 Tips To Healing After Your Breakup:

Find your closest friend that lives within 30 minutes of you and assign them to breakup duty.  We’re serious.  Although many have the tendency to overwhelm the people in their lives with their sad stories, when we are having a tough time, choose one person who will allow you to spill your heart out and can be accountable for snapping you out of it when the time is right.  This one person is the person you will call when you wish you could call him or her and will be there for you until you have cried it all out of your system.

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Tap in to the true essence of who you are. To do this, list 3 things that you love to do that don’t include being with your ex.  Whether it is singing, painting or going for a long run, get re-connected to the true you.  Once you have rediscovered your true self, incorporate one of those actions in to your routine at least three times a week.  This will help you break the “funk pattern” that you have allowed yourself to slip into in an effortless and fun way.

Face your fears!  This one might be a little bit more challenging for some people, but we’re completely confident that you can do it.  We all have things that we say, “oh I would never do that” or “I am too scared to even try doing that,” but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Choose one thing that you have always felt too terrified to do and do it anyway!  Allowing yourself to face your fears is a great way to show yourself just how strong and capable you really are.  Once you start to prove your strength to yourself, you won’t worry so much about proving it to others (and especially not your ex).

We’ve been told, “start by starting,” so we pass that on to you.  Mending a broken heart does take time, but these simple steps will be a sure way for you to go from a place of sadness to a place of power faster than you ever thought possible. Happy healing!

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