By Alexis Wolfer

If 2012 has you looking for a mate, Dr. Lillian Glass, world-renowned body language expert and author of Toxic Men, has you covered. Okay, so she’s not guaranteeing you’ll find Mr. or Mrs. Right this year, but she can certainly help you steer clear of Mr. or Mrs. Wrong – and, well, let’s be honest, that’s almost more important anyway!

As Dr. Glass explains, “the body doesn’t lie.” So you should look to a potential partner’s body for clues he or she is giving off with his or her posture and body movements. But how do you decipher such clues? Well, here’s what Dr. Glass told us…

12 Signals That Say, “I’m Just Not That Into You”

1.  Leans body away from you

2.  Rocks back and forth or shakes a foot or leg

3.  Backs away from you when you attempt to move closer

4.  Crosses arms over torso with hands on opposite shoulders

5.  Puts feet in the opposite direction to yours

6.  Keeps palms down when speaking to you and gestures toward his/her body

7.  Maintains overall tension or muscle stiffness in the body

8.  Holds on to him or herself, as if bracing him or herself

9.  Steeples hands in front of mouth indicating judgment of you or puts a hand or finger over mouth indicating he or she doesn’t want to talk to you

10.  Constantly breaks eye contact to look at someone or something else

11.  Doesn’t look at you full face, but rather at an angle from the side

12.  Shows a tight-lipped smile or won’t smile at all.  Eyes not smiling and cheeks not raised

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12 Signals That Say “I’m Not Being Honest”

1.  Shoulder shrug

2.  Lip-licking due to dry mouth; lip-pursing, lip-biting

3.  Gulping or visible hard swallowing

4.  Not moving hands; hands stationary on lap

5.  Limited eye contact; breaks eye contact a lot of blinks excessively

6.  Staring and little facial animation

7.  Fidgeting

8.  Shoulders hunched and head bowed indicating shame

9.  Foot shuffling and movement

10.  Hand on neck

11.  Nose, ear, head or body scratching

12.  Sweating, especially on forehead and upper lip

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Displaying one or two of these signals doesn’t necessarily mean that your potential mate is disinterested or lying. Rather, it’s is essential to consider the context. That being said, if you see too many warning signs, move on. You never know: Mr. or Mrs. Right could be only a date away!

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