How to Get What you Want, Easily: We’re Sharing The Secret

The Secret To Getting What You Want

By Kelsea Brennan

It’s an age-old paradigm: You have to work hard to get what you want. Ugh, we’re unmotivated already. The idea of having to struggle as a right of passage for success just doesn’t work for us (and likely not for you either if your still reading). To think that the preparation for a party, for example, has to be an up hill battle, sucks all of the joy out of the process. If there is no joy in the process, though, you can’t possibly be enjoying life to the max now. This moment, however, is all we ever really have. Don’t you want to enjoy it?!

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This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t work for what you want – you should! – but you shouldn’t have to suffer to get there. All too often, when we think something is going to be hard, we prepare for it. We put a lot of mental and physical energy into the preparation. We stress. We get frustrated and tired. We push harder, work longer and do more. But what if life doesn’t have to be so hard?

How to get what you want, easily

Reconnect. Initially in all of us there is that spark of inspiration that gets us excited about life, our goals, our desires.  While this spark may not last, it is never lost. It simply dims when covered by limiting thoughts, beliefs and difficult circumstances. The good news? In any moment, with just a few key words or an actual physical representation of what you’re working towards, you can reignite the light. So, when you know what you want, give yourself a mental or visual default to use as a reminder of what you’re working towards and refer to it often.

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Act As If. This can be fun, but also challenging. Many of us assume that when we get what we desire, our lives will be better. But living your life saying, “I’ll be happy when [fill in the blank],” is a huge waste of time. It’s the waiting game. (And we don’t like waiting for anything!) Instead, act as if you already have what you want. Want to get fit? Browse online for all the hot new outfits you’ll wear. Want more money? Think about all the way’s you’ll spend your increased income. Fun, right? That’s the point; it’s supposed to be!

Done Deal. Continue to work towards your goals or desires as you normally would, albeit with a new mind set. Rather than wishing and hoping all will turn out as planned, assume it’s a done deal! What you want is on its way! If you knew all that you desired was going to come true, how would you feel? Relaxed, excited, happy? Would you enjoy life a bit more? Would you work towards your goals and desires with a greater sense of ease? This step will challenge a lot of old beliefs and behaviors. And, while it may feel unfamiliar, it will feel a heck of a lot better then the swimming up stream so many of us are use to.

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