How To Overcome Overeating In 3 Steps

Overcoming Overeating: How To Take The Pain, Fear, Shame + Guilt Out Of Food

By Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

There is so much shame around food, eating, over-eating, and our bodies. We worry about eating “too much,” eating “all the time.”

There’s so much fear, so much judgment, so much self-loathing. But it’s all not only unnecessary, it’s counterintuitive.

You want to stop binging? Turns out, stressing about it only makes it worse.

I used to hide in my room not wanting anyone to see me, completely isolating myself from friends and family because of my binging. I felt disgusting, weak, and unworthy. I tied my self worth to my ability (or inability) to control what I ate. I wasted years and years staying in that room hoping that one day I’d have control over food and my body.

Hiding and shaming myself into a healthy body didn’t work. Shocker. So, I decided to take the pain, fear, guilt, and shame away and begin to heal my binge eating – to heal myself.

Contrary to what you might believe, overcoming overeating isn’t so much about the food as it is about your self worth and your limiting beliefs around food and its role in your life and the power it has. It isn’t so much about what you actually put into your mouth as it is about how you feel about what you put into your mouth.

Today, I eat what I want, when I want, without guilt. I have foods my body agrees with and some she doesn’t agree with at all, but no foods are good or bad. Sure, sometimes is food is for nourishment and sometimes it’s for pleasure, but it’s neither is better or worse. It’s all just food.

So, how can you let go of the judgments around what you eat and create a beautiful relationship with eating?

Here are 3 steps to take the pain away of overeating…

How To Take Away The Pain + Shame Of Overeating

1.  Write A Letter To Food

What are your biggest beliefs about food? Put pen to paper and share your feelings, beliefs, anger, pain, fear, frustration, and anything you can think of when it relates to food. In what ways do you believe food affects your mind? What do you believe food does to your body? Write it all out, specifically addressing food – writing to it instead of about it.

It’s important to get to the bottom of what scares you, excites you, worries you or enlivens you when it comes to food.

2.  Write A Reply From Food

In response to your feelings about food, what does food say back? Put conventional thinking aside and step into the role of food for a moment.

What does food want to say to you? What’s its purpose in your life? What is food doing for you and nourishing you with ? What advice can food give you? How can it help you create more balance and more peace with whatever you choose to eat?

This might seem a bit out there, but changing your perspective in that way and stepping into a different role creates massive shifts and deep insights into your own unconscious thought patterns.

Go deep and take your time.

3.  Stop Trying To Control Your Overeating

This seems super counter intuitive doesn’t it? But the more you fight yourself, the more you’ll overeat.

Allow yourself to eat whatever you want, in whatever amount., Have a blast doing it. Be aware, be conscious, and let go of the guilt you usually make yourself feel. The more pleasure and play you add to your eating, the more you’ll be able to truly check in with yourself. If you take the pain and guilt away and simply enjoy your food – even those foods you once thought of as “bad” – the more balanced and joyful your relationship with food and your body.

Using these 3 strategies will help you to detach from the destructive emotions and judgments you hold on to when it comes to the way you eat. Once you know why you do it, are in communication with food, and relax around food, you can begin to work on the real issues behind your behaviors. And that is where the real fun begins.

Remember, we’re all a work in the process. Your struggles with overeating are just your way of learning how to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

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