By Kelly Lynn Adams

Whether it’s time for a resolution or just a goal reboot, if you are anything like us, you feel the pressure to commit to the perfect goal. But the perfect resolution is sometimes harder to figure out than it would seem.

We want to be our personal best but, well, we can’t even begin to embark on achieving that without figuring out what exactly we want to achieve.

Sure, it’s easy to resort to typical goals – like getting fit – but you deserve better than “typical.” Do you really want to get fit? Or is it about loving yourself more? And if “getting fit” isn’t really what you want, well, you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

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But, by setting personalized, clear, realistic and detailed resolutions, you can set yourself up for success – and leave all those who forget their resolutions by March by the wayside! So, how do we really figure out what it is we want to accomplish in the upcoming year – and achieve it? Here’s how to get started:

Feel It – A lot of us, when goal setting, work from our logical left brains. We rely on what seems to make sense but rarely ask ourselves how it will make us feel. This year, though, write down 3 resolutions that make you feel really good, regardless of what you think about them.

Get Clear – Once you have 3 feel-good resolutions, get crystal clear. Visualize what it would look like, feel like and be like to realize your resolution. If there are aspects that are not clear, that is ok; but the more time you spend clarifying your resolutions, the more likely your resolution will manifest itself exactly how you want it to.

Get Realistic – It is neither realistic nor productive to make a list of multiple things you hope to accomplish in the year ahead. You’ll only set yourself up for disappointment. Plus, it is really the quality of your resolutions (not the quantity) that matters most. So, from your list of 3 feel-good resolutions, pick the 1 resolution that you connect with most and focus on that.

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Document It – Once you have a single, clear, realistic resolution that makes you happy, document your intention. Jot it down in a journal, create a vision board or stick post-it-notes around your home. Simply writing down your resolution – and seeing it regularly – will increase your chance of achieving it exponentially!

Get Detailed – This might seem scary, but it’s important to get as detailed as possible so you can both track your progress and truly manifest your goal. If you are setting a financial goal, write down the specific monetary number that you want to save or make. If you want to be healthier or more fit, write down how you want to feel and what are you willing to do to get there. By simply adding details, you’ll automatically increase your ability to achieve it!

Set A Time Frame – Why do over 50% of people lose track of their resolutions? Well, beyond just forgetting (which is partly why documenting it is so important!), lack a realistic schedule that accounts not only for achieving the end goal, but also for incremental steps along the way to help you stay on track. So, set incremental goals and reward your successes!

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