By Alix Turoff

Been in the office for hours and feel yourself starting to fade? Sure, a Red Bull will perk you right up. Traveling to another country and feel the lethargic effects of jetlag start to kick in? We’re not arguing that a 24-ounce energy drink won’t do the trick. This quick-fix we’ve become so accustomed to, though, (whether in the form of a big cup of coffee or a caffeine infused energy drink) has left many Americans over-wired, overwrought and over-stressed and the high amounts of caffeine that we consume on a daily basis may only exacerbate these effects.

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It is easy to argue that Americans are overworked and have difficulty relaxing. We tend to get uncomfortable when we don’t have something to do and will go as far as creating chores because we are just not capable of sitting still. The new anti-energy drinks on the market are a direct response to our over-hyped world.

Claiming to reverse the buzz associated with the over consumption of caffeine, these relaxation cocktails are designed to help us mellow out for better sleep and better concentration. And while we have to say that laying off the Red Bull seems like a better idea to us, if you’re in the market for an anti-energy drink, here are 4 we’re liking now:

Peaceful Sleep ($5.99), a 3 ounce relaxation from AgroLabs is made with chamomile extract, lavender, L-Theanine, Passion Flower extract and other key ingredients and is touted to help us relax and get a good night’s sleep. For the traveler, these can also be great for the plane ride after dealing with the hustle and bustle of the airport. The formula promotes cell renewal and supports relaxation so you can achieve a healthy and energizing sleep.

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BlueCow ($10) is another relaxation drink that has no calories, carbs, caffeine or sodium. It claims to improve concentration, ease anxiety and irritability and lessen symptoms associated with menstruation. Users are advised to drink Blue Cow whenever they feel stress start to kick in.

The Mini Chill ($17.95) relaxation shot is a doctor formulated blend of herbs and amino acids which is said to promote relaxation, sharpen mental focus and increase your mood. Mini Chill has been recommended as a study aid for students to increase mental clarity.

Revolution Lavender Tea ($5.42 per box) will help you decompress, naturally. Whether you prefer chamomile or lavender, either flavor, with its aromatherapy benefits, will help you unwind (without having to worry about any unknown ingredients).

If you’re looking for a way to unwind from a long work week but can’t sit still, it couldn’t hurt to see how these anti-energy drinks work for you. You may just find that you finished that book you’ve been meaning to get to.

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