By Emma Macdonald

We all love a great night’s sleep – for good reason! Long-term sleep deprivation can weaken willpower, decrease mental alertness and even slow metabolism. Yet many of us often struggle to get enough good quality shut-eye. Here at The Beauty Bean, many of us would take a great night of beauty sleep over a massage any day, so it seemed only fitting to show you all the best way to tap into the ultimate pampering treat: sleep!

So, how do you guarantee a better night’s sleep, wake up feeling refreshed everyday and look and feel better than ever? Read on!

Get into a Routine – Your body functions best when in a routine so consistency is the key to developing an effective sleep routine. Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. If you are getting enough sleep, you should wake up naturally and not need an alarm clock (on most days!).


Exercise – Exercising, particularly early in the day, will help to make sure you’ve used enough energy to avoid restlessness in the evening. It’s also another great way to reduce stress and anxiety, help boost metabolism and improve general wellbeing.

Tight on time? Workout out while you’re in the shower!

Relax & Unwind Properly – Giving yourself time to relax and unwind is the first step towards a great night’s sleep. Meditation, deep breathing and or anything else that helps you relax will help ease your muscles and allow your body the time to physically and mentally unwind. Find relaxing, pampering pre-bed rituals (like listening to a favorite song, applying your favorite body lotion or taking a bath) to set yourself up for bedtime. If you find yourself unable to let go of the day behind you or the things you have to do tomorrow, try writing down everything that is on your mind. Emptying your mind of all your worries allows you to consciously acknowledge each issue, get it out of your mind (and onto paper) and to prepare for sleep.

Turn off the TV – Many people watch TV to unwind, however it actually stimulates the mind and can disturb sleep (especially if you have been watching violent or disturbing content just before bed!). Turn off the TV and use the time to get things done that you are stressing about.

Drinks to help you relax and decompress!

Make Sure It’s Comfortable, Dark & Quiet– Ensure your bedroom is inviting for sleep. A comfortable bed is vital, so if you consistently wake up with aches or pains you may need to invest in a new mattress or pillows. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, try blocking out the sound with soothing music, earplugs or a Homedics Sound Spa White Noise Machine ($25.95 at to block out snoring partners, barking dogs and anything else.  If light’s an issue, check out Bucky Eye Shades ($19.95 at,), which are 100% light blocking and come with earplugs.

Use Aromatherapy – Many botanical essences, such as lavender and camomile can assist sleep by promoting calmness and serenity. You can easily incorporate them into your routine by drinking infused teas, soaking in a bath with mineral salts or essences or sleeping on a pillow lightly misted with Earth Therapeutics Dream Zone Pillow Mist ($7.99 at, a gently scented mist with valerian root and lavender to promote calm, peaceful sleep.

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