Information Overload: How To Disconnect From Technology & Reconnect With Life

Disconnect From Technology. Reconnect To Life. Here’s How.

By Kelsea Brennan

In the so-called “Information Age” we have the world at our fingertips. With computers, smart phones, ipads, you name it, you can access virtually anything, any time. While this access is remarkable, helpful and ‘how did we live without [fill in the blank] before?” it can also be extremely overwhelming. There is even an Information Overload Awareness Day! (It’s October 20, in case you want to make your calendars – just one day before Reptile Awareness day.) And while it may seem silly, the reality is this: information overload really can lead to anxiety.

You need to disconnect.

No, no. We’re in no way saying technology is bad. It’s amazing! (After all, you are reading this article aren’t you!) But if you’re addicted to your technological devises or too much information is cause you anxiety, take some time, take these tips and take a break.

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How To Disconnect To Reconnect

Clean Out. How many newsletter emails do you receive each day? If you’re anything like us, you likely receive more than you care to or are capable of opening. And it should come as no surprise that an overflowing inbox can create stress from the pressure to read them all. The solution: unsubscribe. If unsubscribing is too big a feat, set up your email account to automatically forward some newsletters to a designated folder. If you miss them, they’ll be in an easily accessible folder next to your inbox.

Be Curious, Not Desperate. The only way to deal with information overload is to come at it from place of curiosity, not desperation. When we are curious to learn more, we come at it with an open, clear mind and have the ability to filter all the information. When we come from a place of desperation, though, we become one of those people who Google their allergy symptoms only to self-diagnose themselves with a rare disease.

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Be Discerning. As if it weren’t obvious, there is a lot of false information on the web. More than just blatantly inaccurate information, though, there is also a slew of information that, while accurate for those for whom it is intended, is not accurate (or helpful) for you. How do you know the difference? Pay attention to how you feel. If you feel fearful, step away from the computer. There is no need for technology to cause you fear or anxiety. If you have legitimate concerns about your health, for example, make an appointment with your doctor – not

S.S.S.M.E. Okay, so that’s not really an acronym, but, if it were, it would stand for Stop Sending So Many Emails. The less you send, the less you will get back. Sure there are the essentials, but how many times are you part of an email chain that could have been eliminated with a 2 minute phone call? Bottom line: if you want less information in your life, create less.

Log Off. We know, this may seem difficult, but disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with yourself and others can get you connected to your life in ways you may have forgotten about and can be considerably more fulfilling. Spend time with loved ones, enjoy a moment of quite or read a book. You’ll thank us later.

One way to enjoy your logged-off time!