By Kelsea Brennan

I recently got naked (and not just in the Makeup Free Mondays kinda way). What started out as a photoshoot in boy shirts and a tee, quickly went from panties and a bra to nothing but thigh highs and heels. I was making a calendar for my man as an anniversary gift. Yet little did I expect the ‘gifts’ (or insights rather,) I would receive.

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Taking off my clothes was, yes, uncomfortable and scary. For the first few shots I felt really shaky, unsure and very embarrassed. It’s totally not natural, at least it wasn’t for me, to have another person, with a camera, taking pictures while posing seductively. My thoughts wanted to keep me playing small, limiting myself for fear of what the photographer was thinking, or might think if I went ‘too far.’ Yet, likely clear from my wardrobe description above, I quickly got into character. I went from fearful to fearless as I tastefully bared all. It was a seven hour shoot. And I loved every minute. I learned a lot from that day and left feeling high. It was an inspiring and powerful action that I took for myself.  Here’s why and here is what I learned.

Don’t wait. There were at least ten reasons I could have given myself not to strip down and take these photos. But the longer we push off something that, at our core, we want to do, the more and more time we give ourselves to find reasons not to do it.

Forget about perfect. There is something with the idea of perfection. But we don’t need to get it right the first time. How often does it actually happen anyway? So, do what you desire, try it out and see if you even like it. If you do, great! You can do it again, perhaps the second time bringing with you the successes that you learned the first round, while steering clear of what didn’t work.

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If you got it, flaunt it. And we have ALL have got something to flaunt. I did what I considered to be a tasteful shoot, (always covering myself in one way, shape or form throughout,) but I wore pieces I felt hot in and really worked what felt right for me. It pains me to see women – beautiful women – not owning what they’ve got. So, do it up!

Do it for you. I said the shoot was a gift, but really it was a gift to myself. I allowed myself to be vulnerable, to be sexy, to be adored and to take time, 7 hours, for me.

Trust. There were shoots and suggestions, poses and places that were not in my plan. Yet I let go of control and gave trust to someone else and to the Universe. I didn’t get to see every shot, and I definitely did not know how the final piece would turn out. It was in the creative control of my photographer. Had I not felt comfortable, I would have spoken up, but all in all I surrendered control, put my trust in someone else and, in doing so, relaxed into my feminine, which was exactly where I needed to be. This all being said, make sure you have a trustworthy photographer!

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