By Kelsea Brennan

Feeling jealous sucks – but the emotion itself is actually more telling and beneficial to our personal development than many of us would like to admit. And while it’s certainly an emotion few of us would like to own up to (let’s be honest – there’s little worse than being known as a “jealous person”), it is an emotion that most of us feel somewhat often. No, no, we’re not suggesting we all embrace this painful part of ourselves. Rather, we’re suggesting we turn this emotion around by expanding our perspective on the emotion and learning from it rather then loathing it, transforming the pain into self-awareness for a happier and more loving you. So, ask yourself…

What if you were to start using this emotion to work for you rather then against you? Is it possible? We think so. And here’s how…

Get Curious. Figuring our what or who you’re jealous of will help you get clear about the root causes of your jealousy and can allow you to begin to explore both why you’re having these feelings and what you can do to turn them into a productive feeling. Are you jealous of your friend who just got a stellar job offer? Maybe this stems from your unrealized desire to switch jobs. By getting curious you can use your jealousy to show you where in your own life you are not living in alignment with your desires. From this place start, to take tiny action steps towards what it is you truly desire. If you’re living your best life you’ll stop feeling jealous of others.

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Let Love Conquer All. How mean our mind can be. The lies that we tell ourselves about not being pretty, smart or lovable enough make us feel really unhappy and hurt. Comparison and jealousy are results of these thoughts and increase painful experiences. Part of us knows this way of thinking is not the truth. Yet because most of us have had these types of thoughts for such a long time, there is also a part of us that fears they may be true. To combat the mind’s malice we call for an overdose of self-love. From bubble baths and naps to massages and DIY manicures, showing self appreciation is key when it comes to alleviating painful feelings.

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Take Responsibility For Your Own Feelings. Jealousy often leads to our blaming the people we ultimately love when we really could use this time to reflect on ourselves. Instead of blaming others in moments of jealousy, ask the hurt part of you what you could do to make it feel better. Relying on others to heal our pain never works. However, by taking responsibility for our feelings, we where we’re not providing for ourselves emotionally and expecting others to do it for us. We have to treat ourselves with the utmost respect before we can expect anyone else to.

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