Lazy Days: Why Being Lazy Isn’t (Always) a Bad Thing

By Dayna Brandoff

We are well into the lazy days of summer and maybe the heat wave has you feeling less than motivated to tackle that growing to-do list.  And that’s OK.

Being organized means that you can find the things you need, when you need them. It says nothing, though, about your closet looking ready for a photo-shoot for the pages of a home décor magazine.  It says nothing about taking care of household tasks like a TV personality. It says nothing about the number of papers permitted on your desktop. So, let yourself off the hook a little!

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This may sound funny coming from a Professional Organizer; but, this month, I’m giving you permission to give in to a little disorganization. Don’t unpack your weekend bag the minute you get home. Let the mail pile up for a few days. (Just be sure to pull out the bills and pay them as they come in! The rest, though, you can go through at your leisure). Leave the laundry undone or, better yet, send it out for a service to do.

If you know where to find the pair of scissors when you need to wrap a gift, then you’re organized enough!  If you have avoided paying a late fee on your credit card because you knew where the bill was when it was due, then you’re organized enough!

Are you happy enough?

So, stop beating yourself up over a little bit of clutter. This month your energy is better spent elsewhere.  Spend an extra hour on the beach.  Fit in a great outdoor workout.  Enjoy a good book.  Sneak in a nap.  Use the hour you would’ve spent tidying up and do something you enjoy.  Because, we promise, the clutter will still be there after Labor Day. (And we’ve got plenty of advice to get you back on track then!)

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