Celebrate ‘I Love Me’ Day!

Celebrate Self Love

By Arielle Fierman

Let us let you in on one of life’s little secrets that nobody tells you (until now, of course): you truly look and feel your best when you love and appreciate yourself from within.

Unfortunately, every year, on Valentines’ day – and, well, far too many other days throughout the year – we place an unconscionable focus on the love and acceptance of others, often at the expense of our love and acceptance of ourselves.

This year, however, we at TheBeautyBean are hoping to change that. So, instead of (or in addition to) celebrating Valentine’s Day today, we hope you will join us in celebrating what TheBeautyBean is officially naming I Love Me Day.

Okay, so we don’t really have the clout to declare national holidays, but we do have the power to change our perceptions, check our expectations and challenge ourselves so that, ultimately, we can find love within without being dependent on the love of others.

Don’t you worry all you lovers of hearts, chocolates and all things cupid, we’re neither here to bash Valentine’s Day nor tell you that being loved isn’t important (it is, trust us, we know!). We just want you to know that loving yourself is even more important and to assure you that when you love yourself others will love you too!

Share the gift of self-love!

So start right now: ditch the expectations you have of cupid, champagne, roses and chocolate this Valentine’s day and, instead, take time to love and care for yourself. We challenge you to spend today uncovering your inner beauty and finding the love that grows deepest from within.  Need help getting started? Get your inner beauty fired up with these tried and trusted tips:

1.  Begin your day by blasting your favorite song to get you revved up on the idea of loving yourself. We’re partial to Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine,” but anything will do!

2.  Write down five things that you love and appreciate about yourself. Tape the list to your mirror, place it in your pocket or post it on Facebook! Read the list to yourself every chance you get: right before you leave for work, when you hit the gym and definitely before you start feeling down!

3.  Take yourself out on a feel-good date. Go to a yoga (or even a pole-dancing) class, treat yourself to a manicure or get a massage.

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4.  Spread a smile across your face and shine your light.  In return, you will make someone else smile right back at you!

5.  Whether it’s that new red lipstick or a pair of sexy underwear, wear something that makes you feel good about yourself.

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Happy I Love Me Day!