Meditation for Beginners

How To Meditate: Meditation For Beginners

By Alexandria Rose Rizik

Meditation may be trendy right now (hi, MNDFL in NYC and Unplug in LA), but meditation has been around for thousands of years – and for good reason!

Meditation is a state in which the mind is able to take a much-needed break, which everyone (yes, even – er, especially – you Ms. Type A!) needs now and again.

The benefits: stress reduction, better sleep, improved performance, increased happiness, a healthier heart and oh, so much more.

The best part about meditation, though, is that anyone can do it! So, for all of you aspiring meditators, this is how to tap into the conscious state of awareness that will completely transform your mind, heart, and body.

How To: Meditation For Beginners

Find a relaxing seated position. Your legs can be crossed or you can sit on your knees. You can even lay down if you prefer. Make sure your spine is straight and, most importantly, that you are comfortable.

Close your eyes. You do not want to be distracted by anything around you.

Relax your hands. Depending on what you want to take from this meditative practice, your palms can either be resting face down on your knees, signifying grounding and patience, or you can also place them facing up to the sky, open to acceptance and love.

Inhale. To begin this practice, take a deep inhale for five seconds through the nose.

Hold the breath. Now hold the breath at the top for five seconds.

Exhale. Release your exhale through the nose for a count of five seconds, letting all of the air out of your chest.

Hold the breath. Once again, hold the breath for five seconds.

Repeat. Repeat this breathing technique three to five times. This is called Square Method Breathing. It is a great way to get started with meditation.

Add an “I AM” affirmation. Adding a positive affirmation to your meditative practice such as “I am beautiful” or “I am happiness” will instill positive thoughts in your mind, recreating your entire mindset. On your inhale, let your mind think “I am” and on your exhale add your affirmation. It can be anything you want to welcome into your life or something you need to work on.

Meditation is something that can be done in five breaths, five minutes, or fifty minutes. It is a reassuring thought to know that however stressed you may be, you can always come back to your breath. Slowing down the breath slows down the mind. The most important thing: don’t judge yourself or the experience. If your thoughts distract you, let them pass, without judgement. As with anything, you’ll improve with practice.

Namaste! The divine light in me honors the divine light in you.