By Maggie Lyon Varadhan

Isn’t this the perfect day to consider our beliefs about love?

Valentine’s Day is such an evocative holiday. Still, it can be lonely and painful, highlighting the absence of what the day is meant to be honoring. Ironically, the point of the day, the simple celebration of love, is lost to the sense of this isolation.

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But when we really look at it, our collective loneliness has much more to do with personal feelings of inadequacy than with missing someone else. Often, that someone merely acts as a cover, shielding us from what we don’t want to see, and from what is making us feel so small and invisible.

Yet if we really go inside of it, loneliness offers a ripe opportunity to identify and fill the voids in our lives. Additionally, when we begin to turn our belief systems around about being alone and to wear new grooves into our minds about our own wholeness, we welcome love in its most pristine form. Slowly, incrementally, we learn that we alone are plenty, that we on our own are enough. This is when loneliness morphs into loveliness.

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No question about it, intimacy with and love of another are wonderful. They are in fact essential to our wellbeing. But let’s first honor the untapped intimacy with ourselves that is always available, at any moment, on any given day.

This February 14th, remember the central channel of love. If you feel alone, dive right in. Create your own intimate ritual and endear yourself, to yourself. Whether it takes a box of chocolate, a bouquet or lingerie, don’t be shy about allowing for it. There is an amazing iridescent you to be discovered. All of that loveliness simply can’t wait.

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