14 Awesome Women Share Their New Year Resolutions For A More Beautiful New Year

If setting a New Year Resolutions stresses you out (often in an attempt to set a new year’s resolutions that’s designed to alleviate some sort of stress – counterproductive, we know!), we have you covered.

We reached out to some of the happiest, most ceneted women we know to share their secrets to beauty inside and out in the form of their New Year Resolutions for 2015.

Here’s what the shared with us. Click to tweet your favorites!

14 New Year Resolutions For A More Beautiful Year, Inside + Out

“Happiness is the only real fountain of youth. Make intrinsic happiness your top priority, everything else will fall into place.” >> click to tweet!
Jen Groover, Author, Motivational speaker, Serial Entrepreneur

“This year I’m making the commitment to strengthen my spiritual practice through meditation, which I’ve found so far to be extremely beneficial.” >> click to tweet!
Jeannine Morris, BeautySweetSpot.com

“The key to a beautiful life is slowing down to experience it. I’m a fan of white space on the calendar – lots of white space!” >> click to tweet!
Amber Krzys, bodyheart.com

“For 2015 I’m focused on unplugging a little more and allowing myself the time and space to breathe deeply. I’m also recommitting to monthly facials.” >> click to tweet!
Felicia Walker Benson, ThisThatBeauty

“Embrace yourself by naming something you love about yourself each day, and it will make you feel more beautiful than ever!” >> click to tweet!
Jackie Miranne, VH1 Fashion Aficionado and Lucky Style Expert

“I love styling my clients in fun accessories and textures to enhance their look but I start with highlighting their best natural feature – eyes, lips, curves and more. You already have these natural assets for a beautiful year ahead.” >> click to tweet!
Kimmie Smith, Fashion Stylist & Accessory Expert

“Meditation is the pathway to balance & peace. When I feel good on the inside, everything on the outside looks beautiful too.” >> click to tweet!
Peg Samuel, Social Diva Media

“To live a more beautiful year, take time daily to slow down and witness beauty in the mundane – by seeing beauty you will experience more beauty.” >> click to tweet!
Hillary Rubin, spiritual life and business coach

“Staying BALANCED is key to staying sane. Get a bit of goodness in each day whether it’s a massage, acupuncture, a boxing workout or my newest obsession – eyelash extensions (I consider this my 2 hours of meditation).  It keeps me refreshed and a happier person all around for everyone I work with and my family.” >> click to tweet!
Sarah Boyd, Simply Stylist & Simply Digital Network

“Integrate the fullness of your life experience by slowing down and engaging your six senses: touch, taste, smell, sound, sight and intuition.” >> click to tweet!
Liz DiAlto, Wild Soul Movement

“Celebrate your own magnificence every day by treating yourself the way that you’d treat your child, spouse, or best friend. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘I love you,’ or ‘You’re beautiful,’ or ‘Daaaaamn, you’re sexy!’” >> click to tweet!
Stephanie Kwong, Love Catalyst & Transformational Life Coach

“For an ancient Chinese anti-aging secret that leaves your skin soft, supple, and elastic, once per week mix 1 teaspoon of pearl powder with 1 egg white, apply to your face for 20 minutes, and rise off with warm water.” >> click to tweet!
Alyssa Dazet, Licensed Acupuncturist

“Whether it’s to touch your toes or to finally do that headstand in yoga class, set one fitness goal that has nothing to do with pounds on a scale, and instead focuses on something that will make you feel accomplished and proud of your body.” >> click to tweet!
Grace Gold, Beauty Expert & Journalist

“Do a make-up meditation: before you do your makeup on the outside, peer into the inside of your soul by eye gazing with yourself in the mirror. Try not to nit pick at your flaws, but instead see what is behind your eyes. Who is there? What does it feel like? Does she have anything to say?  You’ll start to glow, and not just from your bronzer.” >> click to tweet!
Sarah Jenks, SarahJenks.com

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