By Nitika Chopra

What is it about that person you see in a crowd and think to yourself “They look great” or “I love their style”?  While having a killer pair of YSL shoes on your feet or the newest Prada snakeskin satchel on your shoulder does tend to make you stand out, looking fabulous really has nothing to do with what designer you are currently fitted with.  Dressing in a way that has you looking great and feeling even better is about finding out who you really are.  So while looking through magazines for the latest trends is a great way to tap into what’s happening around you, it is still important to make all of your fashion choices based on what you love first.  The clothing is obviously important – we are not suggesting a bunch of naked Beauty Bean readers running around! – but it is secondary in the process of discovering your sense of style.

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To start there are some questions to ask yourself:

–  Where do I fall on the continuum of femininity and masculinity?

–  What do I do on a daily basis, am I meeting friends, working, speaking in public, or at home relaxing the most day to day?

–  What is my favorite color?

–  What is the color that I feel looks best with my skin tone and hair color?

–  What is the essence of who I am?  Here is where you want to find out what message you want to portray with how you look.  For example someone could want to portray that they are easy-going, happy and successful.  The way you dress can help you relay this personal message about yourself.

Once you have taken some time to honestly answer these questions, you can then begin looking in your closet to see what you have that already allows you to dress from your essence. (This is also a wonderful opportunity to donate anything that is not aligned with your best self to someone else – someone whose essence your donated clothes may fit). If you want to make some money from your unwanted closet clutter – so you can buy new clothes more in line with your personal style! – check out, where you can trade in all those unwanted things for money!

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There is a huge movement going on right now with people owning their power, and stepping out of their comfort zone.  This is a great place to start!  You only get one chance to make a first impression so allow yourself to share your essence with people from the moment they see you!

We know: going through your clothes can be a bit overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t have to be.  Invite a few friends to answer these questions with you, and then you can all get together and help each other weed through the clothes. You can even swap clothes with each other and possibly score some great new pieces for your wardrobe, without having to spend a penny!

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