By Sarah Jenks

“It’s that time of the month!” is a favorite excuse for anytime that we are less than charming or, on occasion, (although we like to think rarely,) totally bonkers. As modern women, we have come to expect the bloating, cramps, mood swings and cravings as just part of our monthly routine. To deal with it, we complain, ignore it or over medicate with Motrin, birth control and yes, ice cream.

Did it ever occur to you that you don’t have to suffer from PMS every month? That in fact you are not meant to go through anguish every 28 days?

PMS is a disorder that 85% of American women claim to suffer from, but just because everyone goes through it, does not mean it’s normal. PMS is caused by imbalance in our lives dictated by our rhythms, toxic build-up, relaxation and diet. Most modern medicine does not work for PMS because it addresses the symptoms, not the causes. For relief from this chronic annoyance we must go to the root of the matter.

Treat yourself when you’re feeling the worst.

Go with the Flow

The world we live in is governed by rhythm: the rise and setting of the sun, the cycles of the moon, the tides of the ocean. A women’s menstrual cycle is directly connected to these rhythms. When we go against these natural rhythms we create imbalance in our lives, and an imbalance in our cycle. Try gaining balance with these tips:

Sleep closer to the suns patterns. Going to bed early and waking up early will give you tons of energy.

Make sure your work/personal life is in balance. If you are overworking and not taking enough time for yourself, you will run out of energy.

Lighten your mood with essential oils. Try Buddha Nose’s Girl Balm, a mind body moisturizing balm with the intention of balance. Rub some on your belly to relieve cramps and relax.

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Take a Break

Having our period is a natural time of cleansing and rejuvenation, but all of this requires  energy. Our bodies only have so much stored energy to keep us going and when we are using up that energy to go through our natural cleansing process and working hard, running errands, taking care of our friends/family and more, we become moody and crash.  Historically, when women were on their period, it was respected as a time of rest. The more we return to this mentality of listening to our bodies and slowing down once a month, the less we will PMS.

Short on time? Don’t sacrifice your workout.

Eat for Relief

The most common PMS complaint is cramping and bloating, which is caused by the accumulation of toxins, which lead to poor circulation.  To remove unwanted toxins that are causing you to feel bloated and drained, eat a “clean” diet that consists mosly of plant-based and chemicals-free foods and be sure to go to the bathroom regularly. Additionally, there are things you can eat to ease symptoms when they occur:

Increase Magnesium. Our bodies naturally have reduced levels of magnesium during our period. To increase it, eat beans, nuts and green veggies.

Eat mood-boosting foods such as dark chocolate, salmon, whole grains and fermented foods; all of which will naturally increase your serotonin levels, keeping your inner “mean girl” from making a scene.

Decrease bloating by reducing your salt and alcohol intake.

Avoid caffeine, which can make stress, anxiety and mood swings worse.

The more we live in accordance with our bodies’ needs, the less our body will turn on us. Think of PMS as a gentle sign to pay better attention to our health and well being on a daily and monthly basis. The more we listen and react, the more our bodies will support us by being cramp, bloat, and mood-swing free.

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