By Lindsay Kriger

You’re gorgeous. And you oughta know it.

But how many times have you and your best friend had a convo like this:

“I got so fat.”

“Shut up. No you didn’t– I did.”

“Oh my god, no. You’re so skinny. Look at my thighs.”

“But look at my stomach! I have to suck it in all the time… It’s so gross.”

At least 5,000? Uh-huh. Yep. Me too.

Ladies, we are not alone. Actually, we’re the majority.

Psychology of Women Quarterly recently published a claim that 90% of girls 18-25 engage in “fat talk,” a.k.a. speaking negatively about the size and shape of their bodies.

What came as a shock to researchers – and women everywhere – though, is that women think fat talk is a helpful coping mechanism, but it actually makes us feel worse about ourselves and has been linked to eating disorders, depression and lack of sexual confidence.

So, how do we stop this?

We need to hold ourselves accountable to steer clear of not only “fat talk” but also any negative self-talk about our bodies or the bodies of others. Think about it: You’re really letting your inner mean girl run the show when you talk like that.  How would you feel if someone else called you fat, or picked apart your flaws? You’d put her in her place, right?

So why aren’t you putting yourself in place too?

We need to nurture the Body-Soul-Beauty Connection. Two psychology researchers from the University of London have discovered women who are more in touch with their inner selves have a stronger sense of body awareness and higher self-esteem by helping them focus on and listen to their internal signals (like their natural intuition) more easily.

Try this:

Take both hands off your computer and put them over your heart. Can you feel that gorgeous life source beating? Take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly. Focus on rhythm of your heartbeat. Now say with me, three times:

I am beautiful.

I am beautiful.

I am beautiful.

Do this daily and it will start to feel less weird and more like the truth.

Because it is.


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