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Practical Ways To Have A Beautiful Relationship With The Body You’ll Have For Life

By Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Here’s the deal: you’ve been in your body since the day you were born and you’ll be in it until the moment you die.

Knowing this, why don’t we make the best out of it?! And really honor, love, enjoy, and live with (not in war with) our bodies. Not by shaming your body into losing weight or constantly criticizing it thinking that it will motivate you to work out more or eat differently. But by dropping into it, by discovering it, by accepting it, and by loving it.

Here are 5 ways to do that:

  1. Find Empowering Role Models.

    We all compare. There’s no going around it. Sometimes we do it consciously (wanting, for whatever reason, to make ourselves feel badly) and other times subconsciously (it is human nature). But if you’re constantly comparing yourself to women in ads, you’re bound to lose. They don’t even look like their photos!

    So, stop comparing yourself to unrealistic beauty ideals and instead, find female role models that empower you to see your own beauty. Women who are beautiful not because they adhere to an arbitrary (and often dangerous) beauty ideal, but because of the energy that radiates from within.

  1. Fake it.

    The more you consciously choose to fake being confident (always WHILE working on building real body-confidence), you’ll begin to experience life as it can be – with the body you have NOW.

    Go out there and be fierce, dance without apologizing for how you move, speak of your body in encouraging ways, be a role model for others, and consciously choose to be proud of your body for everything it does.

  2. Feel it.

    In order for you to have a beautiful relationship with your body, you’ll have to touch it, feel it, experience it.

    Remind yourself every morning to feel your body – you can do this when you brush your teeth, just becoming aware of your feet and how they touch the floor. Whenever you sit down, notice your butt touching the chair. What does that actually feel like? Before you go to bed, put some lotion on and while you do so, feel your hand touching your skin. The more you add these moments of conscious touch, the more you’ll cultivate the loving relationship you and your body deserve.

  3. Educate yourself.

    Your body is ever-changing.

    Ninety-eight percent of the atoms in your body didn’t exist a year ago. The skeleton that seems so solid now didn’t exist three months ago.

    Your skin renews every month. You have a newstomach lining every four days, with the actual surface cells being renewed every five minutes.

    Even your brain changes year-to-year.

Knowing this – and this is only the beginning -, how can you NOT be utterly in love with your body?

Loving your body is a daily practice. Don’t give up on it after a couple of days. Give it time, give yourself time and you’ll soon reap the rewards of deep respect for the skin and body you’re in.

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