By Kelly Lynn Adams

Shopping sprees are always fun as you’re loading up on new fashions, picking up those trendy accessories you’ve been eyeing or strapping on those wedges you’ve been lusting for… But when that credit card bill comes, or just the shopping high wears off, the effects can be a little traumatizing. Before you indulge in a shopping splurge, where you’re bound to feel guilty of going overboard and wonder “why the heck did I buy that?” ask yourself these 4 questions to keep yourself from getting out of control, feeling powerless and relying on shopping to boost your mood.

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Are you buying just because it’s on sale? Every girl loves a good deal, but you don’t why to buy something just because it is on sale. Ask yourself if there are other reasons you want to make this purchase other than just finding a good deal. Every purchase should be something that you either really need or really want.

Do you love it and do you need it? How many times have you walked into a store for 1 thing and walked out with 10 things you don’t need? Before you check out, though, check in with yourself first. Do you really love it, need it, can’t live without it?

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Can you wait 24 hours? Before you make a big purchase, wait 24 hours. Ask the salesperson to put it on hold (most stores will do this for at least 1 day), go home and see if you keep thinking about the item. The next day, if you are still thinking about it, go back to the store and purchase it. This test will help you figure out if you really want it. If you forget about it, though, or just don’t care as much about it, hold off (at least until it goes on sale anyway!).

Can you afford it? This is by far the most important question to ask, but one far too many of us ignore. Before you whip out that credit card, though, really take a look at your finances. Take note of your salary, your expenses and the state of your savings account. This may sound obvious, but if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it! Spending money you don’t have, especially on things you don’t need, (and no, you don’t need those new shoes!) will only add more stress to your life by adding to your debt. And if you can afford it, well, then go for it!

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