10 Stress Busting Tips

By Kelsea Brennan

We all stress.  It’s part of the human experience and sometimes even an adaptive coping mechanism for when you need your adrenaline to start pumping in order to get your out of a potentially dangerous situation. Stressing over finances or health or work, though, is not one of those situations in which a fight or flight response is beneficial.

Rather, stressing out is, more often than not in today’s society, more apt to hurt you than help you. Plus, stress can have serious health consequences (including not-so-pretty costs to your skin and hair). Even worse, though, is the fact that stress is often a self-perpetuating cycle: the more you stress, the more you’re stressed. To curb this counterproductive cycle and have you feeling better in no time, follow these 10 quick steps for a stress-free day.

How To Reduce Stress Stat

Meditate. It is the number one, scientifically supported tool to reduce stress.  Don’t say you can’t, don’t know how, or that your mind won’t shut off.  Just sit, be still and breathe.  Do it at least 5 minutes in the morning and, if you can, for additional brief moments throughout the day.

Don’t Over-Think.  Thinking “I have so much to do, it will never get all done, I can’t deal” will only energize stress and worse the situation.  Acknowledge your negative thoughts, remind yourself that it’s ok to feel a bit stressed and move on.

Exercise. Have you ever worked out and felt worse after? Didn’t think so! Exercise not only boosts your self-esteem but also releases feel-good brain chemicals that immediately makes us feel better. Plus, it helps us release our rage, healthfully.  Deepak Chopra recently – and need we say brilliantly – tweeted, “exercise is the best exercise.” So, as often as possible, get moving to let the stress melt away.

Steer clear of negativity. Make sure your friends and the people you surround yourself with are positive people who make you feel better and energized rather then drained..  Negative coworkers?  Remind yourself that no one can take from you anything you are not willing to give, including your peace of mind.

Treat yourself.  Be nice to you!  If a friend was stressed you would comfort her with an offer for dinner, a movie or a mani/pedi.  Do the same for yourself, you are so worth it.

Be Present. We tend to stress either because we are either feeling upset about the past or anxious for the future.  If you are in the moment, the past becomes just a memory and the future an idea that does not yet exist.  Practice being present by really paying attention to what you are doing, rather than your thoughts.

Sleep.  The average woman needs 7 to 8 hour of restful sleep each night Make sure you are getting enough sleep.  Everything is harder and seems worse when you’re tired.

Identify your stressors. When you are aware of what stresses you, you can prepare.  You will quickly notice old habitual thought patterns and actions you usually take.  Once you take notice, you can create new habits that reduce stress rather then enhance it.

Get outside.  Fresh air revitalizes, clarifies and has a beautiful way of creating calm.  Try to get outside as often as possible during the week and pay attention to the natural order of nature.

Make time to relax.  This does not include the moments you lie in bed as you try to fall asleep.  Rather, read a book, do yoga or simply sit on your couch and relax.

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