By Sierra Fromberg

Acupuncture? Been there. Cupping? Done that. Vaginal steam? Been there, done that (and then some). So what’s a try-anything-once gal to do when she’s in need of another alternative type of healing? Just tap!

Although this kind of tapping ain’t exactly like the kind Dorothy did to get back to Kansas, in a way, the concept is quite similar. Want to get back to (or start at) a state of emotional and physical well-being? According to this new phenomenon, all it takes is a couple of hand movements and an open mind, and you’ve got yourself a kick-ass (and free) combo for a more balanced life.

Another free relaxation technique!

So, just what the heck is tapping? Tapping Therapy, also know as Emotional Freedom Technique, uses the ancient principals of acupuncture (minus the needles) to address your emotions or anxieties – all by simply using your index finger and middle finger to gently “tap” your nine meridian energy points as you say aloud the negative feelings you are experiencing along with a positive affirmation about yourself.

Still confused? I feel you. Read on…

I purposely didn’t do any research before meeting with Jessica Ortner, bad-ass Tapping babe extraordinaire. I wanted to be as clueless (whoops… I mean open-minded) as possible. Jess, along with her two brothers (yup – it’s a family biz) discovered the healing power of Tapping long before it became (more) mainstream and now they’re on a mission to spread the word. Lucky for me, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from a true master, but one of the best things about Tapping is that you really can learn the technique anywhere (online, in a class, from Jess’s documentary) and perform it on yourself whenever you need to.

So, here’s how it goes…

As usual (with me, at least), Jess and I spent way too much time talking about our personal lives before we got started. But, in this case, it actually helped. As I was talking about how anxious I’ve been feeling lately (both personally and professionally), Jess was able to help me tap (pun intended) into those feelings and try to release that negative energy.

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First, Jess asked me to try to pinpoint one of these negative feelings. I said “I’m anxious about my next big career move.” She said, “OK, now lets repeat that statement, while tapping, but add to it at the end ‘but I love and accept myself’.” Seemed easy enough. So there I am, tapping at my meridian points (which are: the top of the head, eyebrows, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, crease between your lip and lower chin, collarbone, under the arm and the side of your hand), repeating the statement a few times at each point. After about 10 minutes we finished by taking three big, deep breaths.

I open my eyes and Jess asks me how I feel and I blurt out, without thinking, “I feel like I could cry right now.” I could feel the negative energy rising up in my body and it seemed like the only place for it to go was out of my eyes.  I held back (not wanting to ruin Jess’s couch with my concoction of slobber and snot that ever so pleasantly accompanies my crying sessions), but I could feel a definite change in my energy.

Who knows if it was the actual Tapping, or just simply allowing my body the space to let those negative feelings come to the forefront and then out, but I walked away from my session feeling more emotionally aware than when I had walked in.

And to know that if I ever want to Tap, all I have to do is find a quite space, close my eyes, and try to connect with my emotions…well, that’s just priceless.

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