How To Fall + Get Back Up

By Karen Rose

Jennifer Lawrence’s reaction to her fall at the Oscars has made me a die-hard fan. So much so that I’m seriously considering naming my first child Jennifer. Or Lawrence.

Come on – this is a woman who fell in front of millions of TV viewers, not to mention Hugh Jackman. HUGH JACKMAN.  Yet she handled it with grace and humor.

Jennifer’s poised recovery made me reflect on my own humiliations (there are many).

Like when I was strutting along in my sexiest heels and stepped out of my shoes.

Or when I slipped at the mall and treated my fellow shoppers to a windmill-arms-trying-not-to-break-my-neck-ice-skating-routine.

Unlike Jennifer, I don’t carry off falling whilst looking like a goddess (I’m more of the shriek-and-collapse type). But I would like to say (blowing my own horn here – beep beep!) that I do tend to deal well with embarrassment.

This may be because I’m not the most coordinated of people.

I trip. I trip often. I have to laugh it off to survive. But the fact is – I don’t sweat those cringey moments because I really don’t take myself that seriously.

Short of the invention of a pill that can make you forget the entire thing (I’d pay big money for this), here’s how to deal when you’ve had an embarrassing moment:

Laugh. You may think it looks stupid to laugh at yourself in public (and I’ll admit it does look a little silly). But trust me – it’s way easier to deal with falling flat on your face if you don’t take yourself too seriously. If people are watching and you’re having a giggle about it, chances are they’ll appreciate your humor about the whole thing. So have a laugh and move on (carefully, to avoid tripping again).

Remember that no one will remember. If you’ve dropped a packet of eggs or fallen over in public, it’s likely that people will respond by offering to help (hopefully) or having a laugh (less fun for you). But what’s guaranteed is that they’ll forget about it two minutes later! Most people are too wrapped up in their own lives to dwell on the amount of egg (sometimes literally) on your face. So if you’re mid-cringe, remember that your “moment” will be forgotten about in about the time it’s taken you to read this.

Don’t pretend it didn’t happen. Seriously, don’t do the whole “keep-walking-like-it-didn’t-happen” routine.  It did happen.  Pretending it didn’t and acting all casual only makes you look silly, especially if a bunch of people are there to witness it! Smile, acknowledge and move on (see item 1).

Hold your head high. Take a leaf out of Jennifer’s book. She fell at the Oscars. In front of millions of viewers and actual Hollywood royalty. Yet she got back up and made light of it in her acceptance speech. If she can recover from her “eek” moment in front of millions, then so can you when you’re in the office or local mall!  Sure, like Jennifer, you’ll probably be thinking the f-word, but follow her lead and handle it with grace.

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