Volunteer: It’s Good For You!

By Kelly Lynn Adams

As summer officially comes to a close and the stresses of fall come to a head, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the things we think we need and want. However, this fall, we would like to encourage you to give back.

By simply shifting your focus from “what’s in it for me” to “how can I help,” you will not only feel good about your good deed (some studies have actually shown a relationship between volunteering and increased self-esteem, greater personal empowerment and better health), but also authentically bring opportunities into your world. Not convinced? Read on…

3 Ways Volunteering Will Help You

Gain a New Perspective – Helping people that are truly in need is amazing, but helping people in need especially when you are having a tough time with something or someone in your own life can shift your mindset and make you realize that your problems might not be as bad as you thought. Being of service to someone else makes you gain a whole new perspective on life, and it also makes you appreciate everything that you are going through and experiencing.

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Know That You Are Needed – What better way to give yourself the feeling of being needed, appreciated and important than while helping others! You might not feel these feelings every single day but, when you are making a difference in other people’s lives, you come to realize how much people really do need and appreciate you!

Make Connections – Whether you are volunteering your time to an organization, attending a charity event or helping an organization to fundraise there are so many opportunities in which you can make long, lasting connections with others! All sorts of connections are made when people volunteer and help others– whether it is making new social contacts, new friends or even networking to make business contacts this is a win-win situation!

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So, this fall, we encourage you to give back to others, no matter how time-strapped and stressed-out you may be, we assure you that it will give back to you even more than you put in.

Need help finding the right opportunity for you? Ask yourself:

What are you able to offer that can bring value to others or the community?

What type of giving makes you feel good (is it volunteering your time, helping a friend, donating money to a charity, saving animals, helping the elderly)?

What can you do to help advance others (whether it is someone else’s life, career or financial situation)?

Get out there and start giving!

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