Happy Holidays From TheBeautyBean

No matter what holiday (or holidays!) you celebrate, we wish you nothing but happiness over the holidays and in the year ahead.

We wish for you love (of self and others).

We wish for you clarity of thought, speech, and action.

We wish for you to feel grounded and centered and fulfilled.

We wish for you to be connected – to your inner self, to others, to mother earth, and to your greater purpose.

We wish for you to learn, to grow, to push yourself beyond what you think is possible both mentally, physically, and spiritually.

We wish for you to take chances. To say yes. To do the exact thing that makes you uncomfortable.

We wish for you to let go – of past loves, past hates, and past battles with yourself or others.

We wish for you peace.

We wish for peace for all of us.

But we also wish for action.

We wish for you toΒ use your voice toΒ fight for justice, to challenge the status quo, and to stick up for what you believe is right and just and possible. We wish for us to hear it.

We wish for a better 2017 – because the collective consciousness tells us that this one was a doozy for all of us.

But most of all, we wish for love: of self, others, and the universe. Because we sure know we need it.

Happy Holidays!


TheBeautyBean Family

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